Looking for a full or part time way to earn extra income working from home, we have many clients offering real business propositions and sales jobs from home opportunities.

The types of home-based jobs are constantly growing and there are many new career opportunities for people that prefer to work from home. Bookmark this page to have access to a growing list of work from home jobs.

These are genuine sales jobs from home opportunities with proper sales partner relationships, so you earn commission for sales, lead generation, or affiliate referrals that lead to closed sales.

  • No Multi Level Marketing (MLM) scams masquerading as businesses.
  • No up-front joining fee disguised as an investment.
  • No recruiting of new members.
  • No requirement to buy stock.

You make the sale – the company fulfils the orders – you receive commission. is the leading online portal connecting people looking for new ways to earn additional income with legitimate businesses having products and services to sell. We have selected all of our client’s opportunities that are suitable for people working from home and brought together sales jobs from home here.


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How to find genuine sales jobs from home and avoid the scams and false promises

Looking for a full or part time way to earn extra income working from home while avoiding scams, false promises, and expensive pitfalls. Learn from our years of experience connecting businesses offering genuine opportunities to independent salespeople, lead generators, and affiliates.

As a director at, I’m often asked if there are genuine opportunities that allow people working from home, part or full time, to earn a real income. The answer I give is emphatically, yes. There are businesses offering sales partnerships where you can work online and using the telephone, and earn good money for sales, lead generation, or affiliate referrals. But, there is information that you need to know to find the right opportunities and avoid problems.

The generic term for people working on a commission basis is a sales agent. You work independently, you are your own boss working your own hours, and you are self-employed and not an employee. You can work around existing commitments and because you work online or by telephone you can work from any location with an Internet connection and telephone signal.

Many sales agents combine working as a sales partner for several business to create a portfolio of sales offers to increase their income and have a constant source of products and services for the markets they target. Just like with employed job roles, there are companies that understand the benefits of treating people fairly and offering good rewards for results, and there are businesses that don’t.

Here are the most common questions we receive about sales jobs from home opportunities.

Earnings as a sales agent are paid to you for results achieved, which are directly connected to the hours you work, the number of prospects you contact, and your skills in closing sales or qualifying potential customers. Choosing the businesses with products and services that are in-demand and that you can sell will also have a big effect on your income.

The more work that you do towards the completed sale, the more commission you should be paid. If the action you are paid for is a completed, closed sales order, you would expect more commission than for a qualified sales lead. Work from home agents paid for supplying qualified leads should expect more per lead than an agent supplying non-qualified affiliate referrals. But also take the number of completed sales, leads, or referrals you can achieve into account. Referrals per hour may be a lot easier to gain than qualified leads and leads easier than completed sales, so assess which will give you the most income.

Commission is usually paid as a set fee per lead or as a percentage of the value of the sales order placed. The clients that advertise their sales agent opportunities with us at offer commission payments of between 10% and 40% of the value of the sale. They calculate the commission amount per sale they will pay by taking into account their margins, how easy/difficult it is to sell or find a lead, the length of a sales cycle, and other cost factors such as whether they supply sales leads or support you with marketing.
To decide if the sales commission being offered is of good value from your perspective, you should consider:

• How many closed sales, leads, or affiliate referrals can I achieve in a week?
• How many hours will I have to work to achieve these results?
• How much will I earn for these results?
• Is that a good, worthwhile income for the time and effort I am applying?

For a full working week of 35 to 40 hours working from home it is reasonable to expect earnings equivalent to a good salary. Do not sell your services cheaply, especially if you have successful agencies already that prove your worth. Some of the highest paid sales people are self-employed sales agents working on a commission only basis. They have built up their own business and have trusting relationships with networks of customers and contacts.

Earnings may be slow at first as you build up your client base and the portfolio of sales offers from companies. As your home working skills improve your sales techniques will become more effective, your results will accelerate, and your income should rise. For an experienced sales agent working from home, that has built a large customer base and has good products or services to sell, an income of £80k plus is realistically achievable.

Are you more suited to selling to domestic customers or business end users or retailers? This could depend on the hours you want to work from home. Hours free in the daytime are more suited to business sales. Free time in the evening, consider selling direct to consumers at home.

What do you know about, what are you interested in, what’s your passion? Selling something you are already knowledgeable about can be a quick path to earning an income working from home. Having a ready made network of potential customers could also help. Think about your hobbies, pastime, business interests. If you’re employed there may be opportunities linked to industry sectors that you know well.

The tech sector is a fast booming source of sales agent opportunities. Opportunities in this sector are Ideal for working from home as the sales offer is a either a service or a product where specifications and what it does are more important than seeing the physical product.

There are businesses across many sectors with sales agent opportunities where you can sell online or over the phone, usually by a combination of both. These are ideal for working from home as you don’t need to physically meet with the prospects. See the wide range of current opportunities suitable for working from home further up at this page.

Included in advertised work from home opportunities should be information on whether there will be support for salespeople with leads or marketing aids. Apart from qualified leads, they could provide calling lists, details of previous customers, email lists, or enquiries from their website, exhibitions, or online groups.

You could be expected to find your own prospects. This makes sales or lead qualification more difficult but remember what we discussed earlier about commission payments possibly being higher. You should be paid more per sale if you must find your own leads.

Sales to businesses (B2B) are easier to connect with than domestic customers (B2C) as their company details are online and you can connect easier using social and business media. Starting your own business page on Facebook and updating your profile on LinkedIn are other ways to attract prospects. Closed groups and business pages, plus having your own sales agent website, are easy to set up and are a valuable investment for building a network of contacts for all your sales offers.

Consider connections you have built up through your work, professional associations and clubs you have joined, and groups you interact with that share a common interest.

Work from home sales agent opportunities are advertised online, on the businesses’ own website, on business and social media, and you may receive email marketing containing commission only type opportunities

A good, legitimate work from home sales opportunity should have a presentation of the business, the products or services being sold, the target customer market, and who will be suitable for the opportunity

There should be contact information and the real name of the business offering the opportunity. Be wary of adverts online with very little detail of the business asking you to leave a comment or send your contact details. What are they hiding, who is the real company behind the ad, are they genuine or another scam making money from recruiting members to teams.

Check out the company looking for sales agents and their business model. Ideally, they will be a company whose business model is to supply products or provide a service and you will be an independent partner providing a service for which you will be paid.

At, we specialise in connecting sales agents and businesses looking for independent sales partners. Many of the opportunities on our website are suitable for work from home sales agents, so we have brought them together in a separate section above.

Genuine work from home opportunities should have a business model that rewards sales partners for sales, lead generation, or affiliate referrals, not for buying stock themselves or recruiting new members.

You’re looking for a way to earn additional income from working from home, be very cautious if you’re asked to make an upfront payment. Why should you pay out money to join if this is an equal partnership. Upfront payments are sometimes disguised as joining fees, an investment, or the cost of a marketing or sample kit. In reality this is often the commission that the person recruiting you receives. I personally would not want to start a new opportunity to earn money by making a payment to them.

You’ve probably seen online adverts elsewhere promising an easy way to change your life and make you super rich. They often include images of mansions, executive cars, holiday destinations, planes and millionaire’s yachts. The easy way to spot false promises is when the focus is on getting rich quick rather than details of the business, the sales model, or the features and benefits of the products being sold.

The real business model for many of these scams, and the only way you earn commission payments, is by recruiting new members rather than sales of products. These are nothing more than pyramid scheme scams and the only people earning money are the ones at the top feeding off genuine work from home people looking for a way to earn extra income.

We are, the leading online portal connecting people looking for new ways to earn additional income with legitimate businesses having products and services to sell. Notice the difference between the genuine opportunities advertised on our website and the scams that are all over the Internet.