The future in sales!

We believe independent agents and external sales channels are the future of the sales industry.

More than ever before, top sales professionals are creating and growing their own personal brand. They use social media and online resources to promote their business and grow their own list of clients and contacts who follow both the agents and the companies they represent.

Sales agents are a natural next step in the growing trend of people who are experts in a marketplace or industry working on a self employed basis to offer their skills and experience to businesses.

The benefits

The benefits to the sales agents are: Increased rewards, flexibility, being their own boss and making their own business decisions. Many self employed agents enjoy being able to focus just on selling, which is their forte, and not having to do other tasks that employed sales people are required to do.

The benefits for businesses working with sales agents are: They only pay for results. Agents work on a commission only basis and do not receive a salary. This doesn’t mean it’s a cheap option, top sales people enjoy top rewards, but business principals only pay for closed sales. Businesses also get the benefits of sales agents having their own list of customers and contacts, and they often have access to highly desired potential customers.

What is an sales agent?

The most simplistic explanation of a sales agent is: a company or individual that sells products or services on behalf of another business.

A traditional sales agent is often a self employed sales person that prospects for new customers, and makes sales, by door knocking and face to face meetings.

The modern sales agent can have a much broader definition. They can be a sales individual, or a sales agency company, that uses a combination of visiting prospects, telesales, and online resources, to find new contacts and sell the sales offers of the businesses that they work with.

Sales agents can also be working within an industry, for example as a consultant, and sell products and services related to their sector on behalf of other businesses.

Think about financial advisors. They often sell services to their own customers that are provided by companies they have a relationship with, and they receive commission for those sales.

No matter how small the niche market sector that you work within, there will be opportunities to benefit as a sales agent or a business principal.

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What do Sales Agents UK do?

We’re in the business of making business connections. We connect businesses with sales agents, and with other businesses.

If you want to connect with sales agents in your sector, or you have a business opportunity for other businesses, we will help you to connect with the audience you seek.

Sales Agents UK provides a platform for advertisements offering sales and business opportunities to a network made up exclusively of British sales and business professionals.

We’re the only platform with an exclusive focus on delivering opportunity messages directly to British sales agents. If you need independent business people / sales agents to support your sales efforts in the UK, we want to help you find them.

We are also a great choice for related business opportunities if you are looking for distributors, franchisees, or to sell a small business.

We connect with our audience, of sales agents and business professionals on the lookout for new business opportunities, via numerous online resources that we have built up over a number of years. You can gain the benefits of our experience to both offer and find new and lucrative business opportunities.

A resource for sales agents, distributors, and principals

In addition to being an ad platform for business opportunities also provide valuable resources and information for agents, distributors, and principals, in the form of articles, updated news, interviews with industry experts, and so on. For professional sales agents, we also offer a closed members area to exchange ideas and experiences.

Our history was originally started back in 2013 by Lars Hellestrae that have been running similar concepts and portals for sales agents in Scandinavia since 2007. In 2016 Sales Agents Ltd was established as an independent UK company.

We have corporate business partners and agents both inside and outside the UK but the daily management is now run by Stephen Craine and Lars Hellestrae.

Stephen Craine

Stephen has been involved in sales related work for over 25 years, first as a salesman, then managing and training sales teams, and as a head of sales and marketing. His passion for sales, and especially sales training that works, can be seen on his website appropriately titled Proven Sales Training.

Now, as part of the team at, he uses his wealth of experience and knowledge of sales and marketing in the UK to help with the writing of opportunity adverts for the website. Stephen can be contacted at [email protected].

Lars Hellestrae

As the name indicates Lars is Norwegian. He has worked in sales since 2001 and specifically with sales agents since 2007. He runs a similar concept to in Norway – and is also in a position to help principals with finding sales agents in continental Europe. If your company are interested in sales agents in other countries he is a good person to talk to. On he is responsible for web development and various other related tasks. Lars can be contacted on [email protected].

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