Sales Partners Wanted

Do you have an existing customer base you can promote new products to?

As a sales partner you won’t be required to do any cold calling or new sales activities, simply promote complementary products together with your existing offerings.

These are perfect opportunities for:

  • SMEs looking to get additional income streams for their business
  • Affiliates generating revenue from large audiences
  • Serious Bloggers and Influencers

Browse the growing number of businesses looking for Sales Partners and tell them why you will make a great partner.

Find Sales Partners

Find sales partners for your business with your opportunity promoted on this page.

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  • Included in our newsletter to business owners with contact networks.
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  • You can pause, stop, or change your subscription from within your account area. You only pay for the days your campaign is live.
  • Take advantage of our application dashboard easily sorting and managing candidates in a time-effective manner.
  • You can find sales partners in all types of business channels to promote your products and services to their networks.
  • The arrangement with partners can be informal and flexible and easy to manage.

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How Sales Partners Build Substantial Revenue Streams

Sales partners are building regular and growing commission streams by monetising their lists of clients, contacts, and social media followers.

As well as creating substantial revenue streams, working as a sales partner will give you a regular flow of new and engaging topics and information to send to your mailing lists, existing customers, and followers.

You will be using your existing skills, marketing channels, and contact lists, so set up is quick and easy and there is nothing new to learn other than maybe product knowledge. You can start earning commission in just a few days.

Who can earn money as a Sales Partner?

The people and businesses that use our website to find sales partnerships include:

SMEs looking to grow additional income streams for their customers without having to develop new products or services.

  • Affiliates generating revenue from introductions or sales from clicks to landing pages.
  • Serious Bloggers and Influencers with an audience that appreciates their suggestions and advice.
  • Basically any business with a following and existing customers

If you have large audience and a way to communicate with them, you can earn commission as a sales partner for manufacturers, suppliers, or service providers. Your contacts can be in the B2B or B2C markets and the range of products and services you can sell, promote, or introduce, is immense.

What a sales partner does

Think of a sales partnership with a business as an extension to what you already do. Businesses with an established marketing or lead generation channel simply add more products or services from their sales partners.

How you earn commission

Businesses agree to pay a commission to their sales partners for specified results. They could be looking for partners to drive potential customers to a landing page as in affiliate marketing

programs. If the prospect lands on the page and goes on to buy, the sales partner receives an agreed commission.

Some businesses looking for sales partners want sales leads that their in-house teams close. You, as the sales partner, receive commission for the closed sales from your leads. The leads wanted could be warm, as your promotion has gained the prospect’s interest, or they could be hot where there is some qualification of the ability, need, or authority of the prospect to buy. Companies usually pay for a sale or a lead that converts, but sometimes they will pay a set fee just for leads. The amount paid will be lower than for a sale because they still have to be worked and converted.

When you contact a business to discuss becoming a sales partner it’s important to clarify what you will be paid for, how much you will be paid, and when payment will be made. You should also discuss how the progression of the leads or sales will be tracked and what information you will be able to view or reports you will be sent.

Sales Partner v Sales agent

Compare an SME or individual sales partner with a traditional sales agent selling via physical sales meetings:

The traditional sales agent can only arrange and complete a limited number of sales meetings per day. Even if they can schedule 5 appointments for a day there will be an average drop out or 2 that cancel or just don’t show up. A conversion rate of 1 in 3 gives the agents an average of one sale per day.

The skilled sales partner can send out 100s of copies of a well crafted mailshot, post online to 1,000s of followers, have a video seen by huge numbers of people, all on the same day. Even with a much lower conversion rate than the agent, the large numbers give the skilled sales partner a much bigger potential return than the agent.

The difference between a sales partner and a sales agents is: The Numbers of potential buyers they can contact is many times greater.