Whether you close sales or generate leads, focus on B2B markets or B2C direct to end users, companies wanting a cost-effective solution are looking for Agents like you.

Always plenty of opportunities

As an independent sales agent you can sell on behalf of businesses or generate qualified leads and always be in demand with enough opportunities to thrive in any market situation.

No formal requirements

There are no formal education levels or qualifications required to become a sales agent. Sales or business experience is a huge benefit but there are many opportunities for new or inexperienced sales agents. If you are motivated and have good communication skills you can start a new career as a sales agent.

Flexible work schedule

Companies working with sales agents will normally require a minimum number of hours but you’ll have a lot of control over when you work and can schedule your working hours to suit you.


You can earn good commission selling products and services using any sales channel: field sales with face to face meetings, telesales, or online marketing.


Whether you’re an Independent Agent or an existing SME, you can build additional income streams by presenting new products and services to your customers and connections.

Membership is perfect for you if:

  • You currently work as a sales agent
  • You currently run a small business and are open to selling additional products
  • You’re an employed sales person considering starting your own business
  • You simply have the right motivation and determination to be successful as a sales agent

Membership is not suitable if:

  • You’re not based in the UK
  • You're looking for MLMs or pyramid schemes/scams. We only provide genuine income and sales opportunies to our members.

The benefits you gain by signing up today

Whether you choose the free option to get to know us, or the Professional Premium Membership packed with exciting benefits you can start using today, you’ll gain great advantages to boost your sales and income.
Proven sales resources, businesses viewing your profile, and your own Search Manager finding sales opportunities that match your requirements, these are just some of the reasons why you should become a member of Salesagents.uk.
Here are all the benefits:

Sales Agent Profile


You can choose to have your profile listed with us and enjoy the advantage of having companies message you with specific opportunities. You can then choose whether to respond with your contact details and open a dialogue.

So companies can contact you – and apply to you as an agent – rather than the other way around.

If you’re on a free membership your profile will only be viewable by a small amount of our clients – but if you go for the Premium membership your agent profile will be shown to all of our clients.

You can easily choose if you want to hide your profile – and it can be completely anonymous. So you stay in control the whole time.

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Sales training resources


We’ve got you covered if you want to sharpen up your sales skills. In the members area you will find downloadable e-Books on sales and appointment setting.

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Your own search manager


One of the main benefits of investing in a Premium membership is that you get your own dedicated search manager. This will be one of our sales agent specialists that will have the task of finding profitable opportunities that are suitable for you. Your search manager will call you to find out about your experience and interests – and based on that they will get to work looking for opportunities on your behalf.

If you only get one good opportunity that leads to a contract your Premium membership will have paid for itself many times over.

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Health and Wellbeing App


We’ve chosen to work with pirkx, probably one of the best health and wellbeing apps in the UK. Providing members with access to a private GP service, online counselling, cashback at over 2500 UK retailers, including all the major supermarkets, discounts at over 3600 nationwide gyms, plus loads more.

Helping you to make substantial savings on your day to day living costs and giving you and your entire household access to a private GP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year!

As a Premium Member of Salesagents.uk you get it included at no extra cost in your premium membership.

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£600 worth of credits for the SoPro B2B professional Sales Prospecting Toolset


As a Premium member you get £600 worth of credits for the SoPro B2B professional Sales Prospecting Toolset.

These tools will boost your prospecting and lead generation leading to more sales and more commission.

The toolset has been developed by renowned UK lead generation company SoPro, and will help you: map markets, source and verify prospect contact details, test email deliverability rates, and even fine tune email messaging with the famous SoPro Email Awesomeness Checker.

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Earn commission by sharing opportunities with your network


Earn money from your Premium membership at Salesagents.uk. Make your membership pay for itself, and more.

It’s easy to do and takes very little time.

As a business person you will in all likelihood have many people in your network that are open to new sales and business opportunities and would like to hear about them.

At Salesagents.uk we have hundreds of companies that are looking for sales partners and we will pay you for letting your network know about the opportunities we have available.

So we'll be paying you when you help your contacts discover new income opportunities for them. We pay £5 for each approved application you send our way.

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Success Forum


You’ll also get full access to our Success Forum for Sales Agents. Here we are building a community for anybody that wants to be successful as a sales agent. We have an expert panel that will answer all of your questions regarding anything sales related. We’ve also partnered with a leading UK legal firm specialising in agency law to help you with any legal questions you may have.

The Success Forum is a gold mine for finding the very best advice on how to succeed and maximise your income as an agent.

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Are you ready to be a successful sales agent or to take your business to the next level?
Then we hope to see you in our exclusive members area.


As a Premium member you choose to either pay £145 annually or £45 quarterly.
You get a 3 month free trial of Premium membership.
Zero commitment – Cancel anytime.