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Right now, you could be missing out on great opportunities that would give you or your business new income streams.

The opportunities you might be missing could give you:

  • Agency rights for a new product in your industry.
  • An add-on product that fits perfectly into your existing sales offerings.
  • Affiliate deals that would be ideal for your existing contacts and clients.
  • Plus, many other sales or business opportunities for successful sales partnerships.

There are thousands of opportunities out there and ploughing through them would be a full-time job. When you become a member of Salesagents.uk we will, based on your interests, look for suitable new income opportunities for you or your business. Our team will actively be working for you and manually send you tips that they think can be of interest to you.

We spend time on searching for appropriate opportunities, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is to login to your members area from time to time and take a quick look at the tips you’ve received. You are also able to give a rating so our team can try to send more opportunities you like and less you don’t like.


You can choose to have your profile listed with us and enjoy the advantage of having companies searching for agents message you via the website with specific opportunities. 

Companies search the profiles – They message you – They apply to you as an agent

You can then choose whether to respond with your contact details and open a dialogue about the opportunity. Up to that point your contact details are hidden. 

You can easily choose if you want to hide your profile – and it can be completely anonymous. So you stay in control the whole time.


We will provide you with contract templates, legal guides, and a Q&A forum where you can ask any sales agent or agency related question. We have teamed up with UK’s leading law firm on agency law that will answer your questions on the forum. 


In your members area you will also find exclusive special deals and discounts on relevant services and products for Salesagents.uk members. Due to the number of members we have been able negotiate some very attractive discounts that you won’t  find anywhere else on services you are likely to need for your business. 

Do you offer a service or product that can be relevant to UK businesses? 

As a member you can list your own special deal to our members and customers. You will reach 2000+ UK companies and if you get one sale it will make your membership worthwhile – A complete no-brainer.


As a member we want to help you to connect with the businesses that match your requirements. Sometimes the most popular opportunities receive a large volume of response and yours could get missed or you don’t receive a reply. So we give members this guarantee:

“If you don’t get a response from a company you find through Salesagents.uk that you want to work with, we’ll reach out to the company and personally introduce you to them. “

This will get your application seen and assessed, add more importance to your details, and very likely give you much better results than when you try to reach them yourself, and you’re almost guaranteed to get a meeting with them.

Ready to start receiving new income opportunities?

Registering takes just a few minutes and you can edit or update your information and your sales agent profile at any time.

Make sure you don’t miss out on new opportunities by getting your profile live today. You can keep your profile anonymous if you prefer and our team will still look for opportunities that suit you. By choosing the Premium membership you will get more opportunities and increase your income potential.

Register now!


To register with us you must be a business-minded professional and be based in the UK. If you’re based outside of the UK or if you have zero business experience the membership will not be for you.

Membership is perfect for small business owners, self-employed professionals, and top sales people that are open to new income opportunities.

This will depend on what kind of opportunities you are interested in – and how broad you want our search to be. If for example you are only interested in new technology you can sell to nuclear reactors, you shouldn’t expect a lot of opportunities but you should be extra excited when you receive a tip from us as it should be highly relevant. If you are open to do telesales for a wide range of business sectors or if you sell to a business with a huge target market (for example HRC, Retail, B2B services etc.) you should expect many more tips to be sent frequently.

The content and quality of your profile will also make a big difference. We look for relevant opportunities based on the interests you list in your profile, so we won’t spam you with opportunities that we don’t think are relevant.

Our team look for opportunities for members daily and a rough estimate will be that a member can expect 5-20 tips annually.


A good question, the team that will be looking for opportunities for you include:

  • Graham Weakly – Head-hunter for Salesagents.uk. Graham is in constant contact with a huge number of companies looking for sales partners.
  • Frances Elliot – Head-hunter for Salesagents.uk. Frances has daily contact with companies searching for sales agents.
  • Ian Caplan – Head-hunter for Salesagents.uk. Ian has a large number of connections across different industries.
  • Lars Hellestrae – Partner at Salesagents.uk. Lars has an excellent European network and will mainly be focused on finding opportunities offering UK exclusivity for products in your industry.
  • Stephen Craine – Partner at Salesagents.uk. Stephen is very often the first point of contact for companies looking for sales partners and gets most of the enquires from companies in all industries.

You can choose to make your profile public or private.

If you let us share your profile it will still only be visible for companies actively looking for sales agents. So it won’t be openly visible to everybody. And they will only be able to see your first name and the initial of your last name and your direct contact information will not be visible. Companies wanting to contact you will be able to send you a message and if you’re interested in the opportunity on offer you can respond with your full contact details.

If you choose not to share your profile it won’t be visible to companies looking for agents. But it will be visible for our search managers at Salesagents.uk, so we can send you tips and opportunities relevant to you.

No, you can’t search for agents as a member. Searching for sales agents is a different service. You can see our service for finding sales agents here .

To some degree. We have a forum where you’re welcome to introduce yourself and at the same time let other members know about what you’re selling. If you offer B2B-services you can also apply to be included on the list of “useful services” for businesses. This will be visible for all our advertisers (2000+ UK companies). To be accepted you need to give a very good offer and exclusive discount on a service/product relevant to our clients.

The price for the membership is very affordable but it’s not free. You can choose between £145 for a lifetime membership or a monthly subscription for £7 (no contract – cancel anytime).

We put a lot of time and effort into the membership and charging a small amount discourages companies and agents that are not serious from registering. We don’t want anybody to register because it’s free. We want you to register because you are looking to find new lucrative income streams for you or your business.

If you don’t have the money to become a member now your best option is to subscribe to our free newsletter.


Salesagents.uk is a fantastic tool to get connected to the right companies and for giving sales agents the best chance of getting the best products to earn money from.

Alan Chalker
Director at Tab Brands Ltd

As an active sales agent of over 10 years. There are occasions in my career when I need to look for additional agencies. Sales Agents UK is a website that I have found which, unlike other sites, is totally focused on the UK. I would recommend using Salesagents.uk as a dedicated UK based agency finder, whether you are an experienced sales agent or are thinking of going out on your own for the first time.

Mike Conroy

I have NEVER received a better service from a company like this one! I would definitely recommend others to use Sales Agents UK.

Pam Khan


As a member you pay £145 for a lifetime membership or you can choose a monthly subscription for £7



As an independent sales agent you can sell on behalf of businesses or generate qualified leads and always be in demand with enough opportunities to thrive in any market situation.


There are no formal education levels or qualifications required to become a sales agent. Sales or business experience is a huge benefit but there are many opportunities for new or inexperienced sales agents. If you are motivated and have good communication skills you can start a new career as a sales agent.


Companies working with sales agents will normally require a minimum number of hours but you’ll have a lot of control over when you work and can schedule your working hours to suit you.


You can earn good commission selling products and services using any sales channel: field sales with face to face meetings, telesales, or online marketing.


Whether you’re an Independent Agent or an existing SME, you can build additional income streams by presenting new products and services to your customers and connections.