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What our members say:

As an active sales agent of over 10 years. There are occasions in my career when I need to look for additional agencies. Sales Agents UK is a website that I have found which, unlike other sites, is totally focused on the UK.

One such position, for a medical device company, was sent to me via email, based on my profile, for which I applied and got a response swiftly from the team looking to take on an agent. Stephen Crane was also quick to follow up and that was important to know that it is being dealt with on a more personal level than some of the other Agency sites.

The website is easy to use and you can filter by geographical area and industry. I would recommend using as a dedicated UK based agency finder, whether you are an experienced sales agent or are thinking of going out on your own for the first time.

Mike Conroy

I have NEVER received a better service from a company like this one!
I would definitely recommend others to use Sales Agents UK.

Pam Khan

I was looking to set up sales agencies for my business as I no longer wanted to work for someone else and would like to earn open ended commission.
I found after browsing on LinkedIn. This was a brilliant website for a sales agent looking for new opportunities. I quickly found three or four companies that I would like to work with, my expertise lies with the construction sector. is a fantastic tool to get connected to the right companies and for giving sales agents the best chance of getting the best products to earn money from.

Alan Chalker

Director at Tab Brands Ltd

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