Finding sales agents with is simple

We’ll get your sales agent opportunity in front of thousands of professional UK sales agents.

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    The shortest path to an increase in sales

    Sales agents and external sales partners are already out selling – and very possibly already selling to customers that are in your target group. So you will be working with someone that has a much shorter path to the right decision makers than an employee starting from zero.

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    Reach out to the top sales agents in the UK

    Through you will reach out to professional sales agents in the UK. Your opportunity will be targeted at active agents that are already out selling – and know what it means to be a successful sales agent relying on sales to earn a living.

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    Less risk

    Working with sales agents, or other external sales partners, reduces your company’s risks compared to hiring employees. There are less overheads and fixed expenses, as agents are only rewarded for sales.

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    We'll help you to attract the best agents

    We’ll help to write your advert to attract the interest of the best agents. We’ll also send you tips and advice on everything related to working with sales agents and external sales partners, all based on real world experiences from agents and principals in our network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about Sales Agents UK?

  1. We take each ad seriously and a professional copywriter is available to write or edit the ad text to create the maximum response from qualified candidates.
  2. Your sales opportunity will be seen by the members of our exclusive social network for sales professionals.
  3. We aggressively market as the premier portal for British sales and business opportunities.
  4. Our exclusive newsletter is bursting at the seams with all kinds of opportunities for independent sales agents – dealers, sales agents, trade agents, retailers, distributors, vendors, franchisees and freelance consultants.
  5. Sales Agents UK offers a much more targeted audience than other – less keenly focused – online venues.

Why this page?

So, you want to generate impressive sales numbers in UK markets but don’t want the overhead of maintaining your own sales force? You’re going to need access to independent British sales agents. We created to deliver that access to you.

Britain may be new territory for you. Or maybe you’re working to increase your British market share. Taking the next step toward your sales goals can be a genuine challenge. More and more savvy companies are forming partnerships with local sales talent. Whether your company is British or headquartered elsewhere, selling through experienced sales agents – with their local knowledge and established networks – is more efficient and much less expensive than trying to do it yourself. Advertising your sales opportunity to our network of British sales professionals is by far the best way to pull together a sales force that’s not on your payroll and generates no expenses.

We’re in the business of building online communities designed to attract all kinds of independent agents and they’re all looking for new selling opportunities – like yours.

If you believe sales agents can be a good choice for your company  – you’re more likely to find them through the Sales Agents UK network than any other avenue.

How much does it cost to advertise?

The price will depend on whether you simply require a standard advert published on or if you want the advert to be actively promoted to our newsletter and followers in social media. The price will vary between £150 and up to £445 depending on your preference. To get an exact price go here.

How long will I wait to have my advert go live?

Once we have all the information we need we’ll send you confirmation of your advertisement going live with a link for you to view it within 1 working day.

What should my advert include?

We will help you write the ad text if you don’t have one ready. If you still prefer to write an ad text yourself you’ll find some tips below.

We have written an entire article on this topic that you can read here.

As a quick guide:

  • Your company name and what it sells
  • What are you looking for in your sales agents?
  • What areas should they cover?
  • The market they will ideally sell to (e.g. Builders with show homes, Home furnishing shops etc.)?
  • Is experience necessary? Do they ideally need to have an existing database of clients?
  • Commission information (but not necessarily specific rates)
  • Website address
  • Contacts details for agents to get in touch

Can you help me write the advertisement?

Yes. We help rewrite all adverts to create the maximum amount of response from good candidates. This is included in the standard advert.

Who can advertise?

As long as you’re serious, and what you want to sell complies with British law, you can advertise with When you’re ready to turbo-charge your concept, product or service, is the solution for you.

Can I change the ad during the advertisement period?

Yes. Send us your changes in an e-mail and we’ll insert them free of charge anytime during your current campaign period.

Can we link to our e-mail or website in the ad?

Of course. Your ad can also include photos or graphics. If you want to include video, that’s easily done as well.

Can you help us find sales agents in other countries?

Yes, we can. Fill out the short form on this page to receive more information.

How to get your advert published and promoted with

Getting your advert published and promoted with is simple. Complete the following few steps and your advert will be online the next working day.

  • Enter your company name and contact details in the form below and select the options you want to add to enhance your advert.
  • Choose how you would like to pay and make the payment.
  • On the next page, we ask you for information for your advert and the promotion of your opportunity. If you have an ad text ready you can upload it here. If not we will ask you some simple questions about your opportunity that will enable us to write an ad text for you.
  • Your advert will be published the next working day and display the contact details of your choice: telephone, email, and a unique contact form that is sent to your email address.
  • The promotion options you’ve chosen will start driving visitors to your advert page and interested sales professionals will begin to respond.
  • All the responses to your advert will come directly to you, so there is no delay and you can start your selection process.
  • The campaign period is 90 days. However – if you have found the candidates you’re looking for before the advert expire you can let us know and we’ll remove the advert. You may also do as many changes and updates to the advert as you desire during the entire campaign period without any extra charges.

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