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Get introduced to experienced commission-based sales agents throughout Europe that are ready to start selling for your company.

The Sales Agents International Introduction Service offers an introduction service where you only pay for specific candidates whose profiles you accept. We have teamed up with the very best local recruiters of independent sales agents across Europe and work with them to find agents and agencies that meet your requirements. This means we can offer high-quality introductions to top agents in a number of European countries.

Whether you’re looking for specialist sales agents, employed professionals, or managers and consultants for specific roles, we have the team and the resources to connect you with them.

How the Sale Agents UK Introductions Service works


You order the number of introductions you require and select the countries you want to target.


We search for sales agents that work in your target market, meet the criteria you’ve submitted to us, and are located in the countries you have selected.


A screening interview is completed and the candidate’s interest in your opportunity confirmed.


A candidate profile is created and sent to you for evaluation.


If you want to be introduced to the candidate, you pay the remainder of the introduction fee and we send you full contact details.


You then open a direct dialogue with the candidate and agree on the terms of your relationship

There are no other charges and we do not take any commission or fee from the sales agents we connect you with.

Benefits of the introduction service

    The main benefits of the introduction model are:

  • There is no risk of paying a fixed fee and not getting any responses as you pay per agent profile we provide.
  • We do the first screening interview of the candidates, saving you time and hassle following up first applications and selecting potential people for the next stage.
  • Our European partners are perfectly placed and connected to the best European sales agents in many sectors.
  • We can also offer this service in the UK to find sales agents and other sales professionals.

As there is no absolute guarantee that you’ll come to an agreement with the agent we connect you with, we recommend that you order a minimum of two introductions in each area you’re looking for agents. It’s often also beneficial to compare candidates which you’ll only be able to do if you order two or more introductions.


The price for one introduction is £450. You pay £275 upfront and the remaining £175 on delivery of an agent profile that you accept.

If we don’t find any introductions for you within a month we’ll refund the £275 upfront fee.

If an Introduction we provide is not accepted, we continue the search for candidates until we have a profile you accept. When you accept an agent profile you make the second part of the payment, the remaining £175, and we send you the contact details for the applicant.

Please note, if we do find you introductions and you don’t approve their agent profile, we don’t refund the upfront fee. We keep looking for candidates until we provide a profile you accept. The resources we employ to find sales agents and compile profiles is a direct upfront expense for us, which is why we need to charge the upfront payment.

Before you order

There is no financial risk involved by ordering as we’ll refund your payment if we don’t find agents that match your criteria.

We want to ensure that we can find suitable agents or other sales professional that meet your requirements and will be interested in your sales opportunity. To make sure you have the best chance of success, if you are looking for commission based sales agents can you answer yes to the following questions.

  • Do you have a competitive product/service with real sales benefits that will sell in your target market?
  • Are you prepared to spend some time working with the agent(s) conducting training and making sure they understand the selling points of our product?
  • Will your commission reward scheme be attractive to sales agents and allow them to earn a reasonable reward for their efforts and results?

Get Started

In the form below choose the countries where you’re looking for agents and the number of introductions you want. As soon as you’ve placed the order you’ll hear back from us. We are then going to need some additional information about your company and products to start the search for the best agents for your business.

£175 on acceptance of a profile

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