The Road to Sales Agent Success:
20 Steps to Understanding the Service


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Are you contemplating whether could be the right fit for your company's needs? Perhaps you're feeling a bit uncertain or skeptical, worried about investing your precious time and money? That's okay - this page is crafted precisely for you.

As you explore the following slides, you'll uncover:

  • The ins and outs of our service and our dedicated approach to finding you the perfect sales agents and partners.
  • Handy tips and tricks on how you can squeeze the most value out of our platform.
  • Realistic expectations on the results you can achieve and the timeline for achieving them.
  • The compelling reasons why stands out as your ideal partner when seeking sales agents.
  • An exclusive offer, specially curated for you as a thank you for taking the time to learn about our service.

Taking a careful read-through of everything will take you around 10 minutes. If you're in a hurry, you can skim through it faster. So, shall we dive in and get started? 

Understanding Your Goals

Let's begin by acknowledging your ultimate goal.

It's not simply about advertising with us or engaging our head-hunting team. It's not even about finding sales agents per se.

Your primary objective is to enhance your company's sales!

Connecting with sales agents is your chosen strategy for achieving this goal. Our service is the tool you've selected to identify the right sales agents to make this strategy successful. We see it as our mission to do everything in our power to help you connect with effective sales agents, enabling you to reach your goal of increased sales revenue!

Our services

Yes, we offer a free service, but it's more of a lead generator for us with no promotions and less visibility. For a serious agent search, consider our paid options:

Standard: Your opportunity reaches thousands of agents on a budget.

Premium: Our most popular choice, offering extensive advertising, head-hunting services, and direct agent messaging.

Platinum: Ideal for those who want us to handle initial agent contact and screening. If you prefer a hands-on approach, Premium is your best bet.

A Quick Note Before We Dive In

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of how we strive to connect you with sales agents, here's something to remember:

You don't have to read every word on the upcoming slides before placing an order. It's beneficial to at least skim through, especially if you're feeling uncertain about our service. 

Regardless, once you place an order, we're there to assist you every step of the way. Our backend system is intuitive and user-friendly, letting you sort candidates and manage your subscription with ease. You're in complete control throughout the process.

With that in mind, let's give you a glimpse of what awaits when you choose one of our paid services. 

Placing an Order - What's Next?

After you've decided to place an order, here's how it works:

  1. Register your company information and pay by card.
  2. Post-payment, you'll be taken to a form to provide details about your company and the opportunity you're offering to sales agents. Your 30 day campaign to find sales agents doesn’t start until your advert is ready.
  3. The form will ask for a description of your company, your products, your target market, the type of sales agents you're seeking, and what you can offer them.
  4. Do your best to fill in the details. Highlight the key selling points and why this is an exciting opportunity. Don't worry about proofreading or perfect sentences - our copywriting service is included in your package at no extra cost and will review and refine your ad text.


Engaging with the Copywriter

If you've opted for copywriting assistance, expect a call from a copywriter shortly after submitting your opportunity details. Remember, it's perfectly fine to use your own ad copy without a copywriter's help. If you've chosen this route, feel free to skip to the next slide.

During your conversation with the copywriter:

  1. Be clear about the message you want to convey in your ad.
  2. Specify how much editing you want, whether it's simple proofreading and minor tweaks or a complete rewrite.

Either is fine; just ensure there are no misunderstandings.

The copywriter's role is to present your opportunity in the best possible light, making your company attractive to professional agents. If you have questions about other aspects, such as website features, our head-hunting process, or applications from agents, these are better addressed by the rest of our team managing your search campaign.

Your advert is ready

Once your advert is ready, we'll send you an email with a direct link to it. While the link will be live, your advert will be subtly placed and not promoted yet. Please let us know if you're happy with it. If we don't hear back from you within a couple of days, we'll assume you're satisfied.

Want to make changes? No problem! You can either reply to the email or log into your client area to edit the text directly.

You can freely edit your advert at anytime in your client area:

When Your Advert Goes Live, We Get To Work

Premium Head-Hunting: If you've opted for our Premium or Platinum subscription, our dedicated head-hunting team will take a deep dive into your opportunity. They engage with agents and potential candidates day in, day out. They'll assess your opportunity, explore their network and databases for potential matches, and may get in touch with you if they have questions or insightful feedback.

Newsletter Outreach: We'll spotlight your opportunity in our newsletter, which reaches thousands of active agents and potential candidates across the UK.

Social Media Exposure: Your opportunity won't just live on our website. We'll also share it across our social media platforms, where we engage with a community of 10,000+ professional sales agents. This amplifies your reach, providing yet another avenue to connect with potential candidates.

Receiving Applications and Candidates

Now it's time for you to relax and await the applications.

Whenever a candidate applies for your opportunity, we'll send you an email notification from [email protected]. If you're concerned about missing these emails, you can opt to receive a text message each time an application comes in.

You can log in to your client area at any time to see a list of your received applications:

Rest assured, our team closely monitors all paid campaigns. If your campaign isn't attracting quality responses, it's likely we're already on it, strategizing to attract more professional candidates. Remember, we're always just a phone call or email away if you have any questions or concerns.


Inside your dashboard - My applications

Welcome to your dashboard - a space brimming with features designed to give you maximum value. You're free to utilize as much or as little of its functionality as you like.

At its core, your dashboard facilitates the reception and handling of applications.

Each application arrives on a card which includes:

  • Contact information: Name and all available contact info. Some may have a blue checkmark, denoting a registered profile on, offering further information about the candidate.
  • Candidate's Comment: You'll find the candidate's application comment here.
  • CV: Not all applications will include a CV, as many of our professional sales agents are already working. They are not traditional unemployed job-seekers and therefore may not have an updated CV. If a CV is present, it'll be here.
  • Note from Occasionally, we may add a note for your benefit, providing additional information about the candidate or a warning if they're applying to multiple opportunities in a short span.
  • One-Click Rejection: Easily manage irrelevant or low-quality applications with this button. We'll send a polite rejection on your behalf.
  • Message Candidate: Contact candidates directly from your dashboard. You can craft a custom message or use our templates to schedule a conversation or request more information. You can, of course, also contact applicants directly by e-mail or phone outside of our dashboard. 
  • Candidate Status: Keep track of each candidate's status in the top right corner. The default status is "pending," but others include "in dialogue," "rejected," "not responding," "shortlisted," and "contract sent". We recommend keeping this updated. Rest assured, candidates cannot see these status updates.
  • Comment Field: Make your own notes on each application. This is for your eyes only and can't be viewed by applicants.
  • Let Us Try: Can't reach a promising candidate? Set their status to "Not responding," and the "Let Us Try" button will appear. Click this, and we'll attempt to contact the candidate on your behalf.

Your list of potential agents is easily manageable with these features.

Inside your dashboard – Browse Sales Agent Profiles

You can contact agents that have chosen to have an open profile on our website directly by going to "Browse Sales Agent Profiles".

This feature is only available if you have a premium subscription so if you're on a lower package you need to upgrade to get access.

You will able to filter agents by industry sector, area they are located, as well as a keyword search.

You can read a description of the agent and send them a direct message if you like what you read. The candidate will be notified about your message and can login to their agent area to accept or decline the message. If they accept it you will be notified with full contact details and a suggestion for a time to call the agent. If the agent declines the message request nothing will happen.

You can message up to 10 candidates daily. 

Inside Your Dashboard - The Income Calculator

Want to make your opportunity even more enticing? Showcase the income potential with our custom income calculator. It's simple to set up and provides agents with a realistic view of potential earnings.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Under "My Opportunities", find the "Income Calculator" link below your advert and click it.
  2. You'll answer a few questions related to:
    • Average lifetime commission per sale
    • Whether agents need to use their contacts or if you provide leads
    • Estimated time for agents to find a lead (if you don't provide leads)
    • Your conversion rate estimate
    • Estimated time from initial contact to sale closure (can vary based on sales channels)
    • Expected time agents will spend on leads that don't convert
    • Normal sales cycle length and minimum weekly hours an agent should dedicate to selling your products/services
    • After answering, click "Save Calculator".
  3. The calculator will now be part of your advert. To see it, click on the "Income Calculator" button. The default values will be the ones you entered, but candidates can adjust them to see how changes might affect their potential commission.

Remember, you can revise the calculator anytime in your client area.

Inside Your Dashboard - The Feedback Feature

Ever wonder why some agents choose not to apply? Our Feedback Feature helps you find out. Agents might skip your opportunity for various reasons - maybe your product doesn't align with their expertise, or there's something about your company that didn't click with them.

Interested in hearing their thoughts, even if critical?

If yes, you're on the right path. Constructive feedback from experienced sales agents can refine your approach, boosting your appeal to future agents and aiding your company's overall growth. Remember, commission-based sales agents know what sells!

Activate this feature here:

Only registered agents can provide feedback, ensuring you get genuine, professional insights. You can find all feedback in your client area under the "Receive feedback" tab. 


Inside Your Dashboard - More Than Meets the Eye

Our dashboard does more than just manage your opportunities. It's also a hub filled with helpful resources designed to make your journey with us more successful:

  • Community Wall: Have a question? Don't hesitate to post it on our community wall. If it's legal in nature, you're in luck - we have some of the most proficient solicitors in UK agency law ready to assist you.
  • Documents: We've curated a set of legal guides and contract templates to help you navigate the legal aspects of working with sales agents.
  • Special Deals: Benefit from special deals and discounts offered exclusively to our clients. You're also welcome to promote your own specials, giving your products or services extra visibility within our community.
  • Sales Agent Success Mini-course: Invest 20 minutes in our onboarding course, and not only will you gain valuable insights on succeeding with commission-based sales agents, but we'll also add an extra 2 weeks to your subscription for free!

Inside Your Dashboard - Additional Services

Within the 'Additional Services' section of your Client Area, you'll find a variety of excellent services available for your consideration. One that we'd like to highlight is the "Sales Partner Search", which can be added to your account at absolutely no extra cost.

But first, let's clarify what we mean by "Sales Partner":

In this context, a Sales Partner refers to a company that has an established customer base and contacts to whom they can introduce your products or services. Essentially, your products would naturally complement their existing portfolio, and the sales partner could either finalize the sale or simply provide you with warm sales leads.

A Sales Partner is not expected to do any cold calling or new sales activities on your behalf, but rather, promote your products alongside their existing offerings.

A sales partnership in this sense is a mutually beneficial business relationship. The Sales Partner gains a new income stream from your products, and you benefit from increased sales.

As a valued client of, you can post a complimentary second advert that is specifically aimed at attracting Sales Partners who meet the above criteria.

Inside Your Dashboard - The Lead Exchange

Some agents might be too busy to be interested in being your agent, but they still have connections that could be in the market for your products or services.

We have a huge community of sales agents and business professionals, many with huge networks of connections that may need, or could benefit from, the solutions, products, or services you provide.

You can publish up to 3 different Lead Opportunity Ads.

While most opportunities will be for sales leads, the feature is flexible, and you can ask the community to connect you with:

  • Suppliers of specific products or services for your clients.
  • Agents or candidates for a role you have available.
  • Providers of a product or service for your business.

You can see examples of Lead Opportunity Ads by going to "Help others & Get rewarded". You are of course free to help the community by submitting some leads of your own.

We encourage offering an incentive to get leads. This can be a straight up commission, but can also just be a donation to a charity, some product samples, etc.

The Lead Exchange could be its own separate paid service but we have included it at no extra charge for all clients on an existing paid subscription.

You are always in complete control!

We totally get that your business needs may shift and change. That's why we've made sure you're the one in the driver's seat when it comes to your subscription. In the "My Subscription" tab, you can tweak and adjust your service level anytime to match whatever your business is calling for. 

  • Upgrade or Downgrade: Shift between our various service levels with ease.
  • Pause: If you wish to halt your subscription for a while, you can pause it. This stops promotions and prevents access to applications. However, you won't be charged during this period. You retain the remaining time on your subscription, so if you pause with 10 days left, those days will be waiting for you when you reactivate.
  • Hide Your Advert: This makes your advert invisible and stops applications. However, your subscription continues as before. If you choose to, you can republish your advert at any time.
  • Pause and Hide: Want to take a break altogether? Pause your subscription and hide your advert. Both actions can be easily undone when you're ready to return.
  • Downgrade to Free: This keeps your ad online but stops its promotion, leading to fewer applications. You'll have access to applications 30 days after downgrading. Beyond that, you'll need to upgrade again to access applications and all other features.
  • Cancel: And, of course, if you decide that our services are no longer needed, you can easily cancel your subscription at any time.

At, you're always in the driver's seat!

Embracing the Sales Agent Mindset

If you've worked with sales agents before, you'll know the drill. But if this is your first foray into the world of commission-based sales agents, it's important to understand the difference between hiring salaried sales reps and sales agents.

With a salaried position, offering a high fixed wage, paid holidays, and social benefits means your company takes on all the risk. This kind of arrangement attracts many job seekers, regardless of whether they are a good fit for the role or not. They get paid regardless of the results they deliver.

You're welcome to offer a fixed wage in your advert with us, but you're probably here because you're looking for commission-only agents. And when you're asking someone to sell on commission, the dynamics shift. You need a more humble approach compared to when you're recruiting regular sales reps.

It's crucial to sell your opportunity to potential candidates. They need to believe that they can successfully sell your product or service; otherwise, it's a waste of their time.

We promise to do our part to help you get your opportunity in front of the right candidates. But we also need you to play your part:

  • Craft an appealing opportunity: Offer a commission that's worth the effort and explain why your product or service is a winning proposition. The better the opportunity appears, the more likely a candidate is to believe in their potential success.
  • Respect the process: Respond quickly to applications and treat each qualified candidate as a potential business partner, not just an applicant. Every interaction should reflect a mutually beneficial, win-win relationship.

Our Commitment to You

At, we're all about delivering outstanding service and driving optimal results for you - all at a price that won't break the bank. We've gone all out to deliver maximum value, maintaining a top-notch tech team to keep our website running smoothly, hiring skilled copywriters to craft compelling adverts, employing head-hunters to personally reach out to suitable agents, and investing significantly in promotional efforts each month.

Finding the right candidates is our mission, but we urge you to approach the process with realistic expectations. Remember, commission-based agents aren't job seekers; they're professionals who need to be convinced about the potential of your opportunity. While we'd love to connect you with the perfect candidates within weeks, a timeline of 1-3 months is typically more realistic. Factors like your industry, the attractiveness of your opportunity, and the number of agents you need can affect this.

Our goal aligns with yours - we want to see your sales grow! To make that happen, we're committed to finding you the right candidates as efficiently as possible. 

What's Next?

Thanks for sticking with us and going through all this information - we hope it's given you a solid understanding of our services and how we can help you find the right sales agents.

So, what's the next step for you? Here are a few options to consider:


If you go ahead and make an order now we'll give you 2 additional free weeks to your month when you subscribe to the Premium or Standard service to find sales agents. That will increase your chances of finding the right agents with 50% on your first order. 

To add these two weeks we need to know who you are. Please fill in your name, company name, and e-mail address below. When you click "Submit" you will be redirected to the order page.

We will add two weeks to your subscription when your campaign is live. 


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