I am David Fenton and I have been an Independent Commission-Only Sales Agent for over 30 years. Hey!  And guess what? I am loving every minute of it!

Why is that?  You may ask. Here are some very sensible reasons and explanations that should inspire you to just copy me.

If we go back about 30 years ago, I was made redundant by a major Tee-shirt printing company. Actually it was their predator company that made me redundant. You see, the company I was working for was, in fact, doing very well, so well, their major competitor made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Once in, the new take-over company favoured their own staff and I was out. Redundancy! That was the third time. Never again, I said.

Within 24 hrs. I was on the phone to some other companies in the promotional field asking for employment. I was used to having a basic salary and some commission.

One company said “We can offer you a position immediately David but commission only”.

With little choice at the time, I decided to take it. And 30 years on – although not with the same company now – I am here today – a Commission Only Sales Agent. It really is a different and most exciting world.

As a Commission-only Sales Agent you are truly independent. You are self employed and you run it as your own business. If you are just starting out, my recommendation is to join a company that provides you with qualified leads. These leads are potential buyers who have already been screened and are showing interest in the product or service that you are selling. All you have to do is make a presentation and sell the product to someone who is already interested.

You may already have experience in a particular market sector from a previous job, or even a hobby. This will give you an advantage in securing a position.

The whole process of securing such an agency is far more relaxed than going for a basic salary position, because the company pays on results which minimises their risk.

You, on the other hand, can earn as much as you can without restrictions.

Different companies work in slightly different ways and you need to check the terms and conditions to ensure that both parties are being reasonable.

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, many companies are looking to appoint commission-only sales agents in favour of fully employed sales people for the first time. This situation represents an amazing opportunity for you to secure this type of employment quickly.

Maintaining sustainability

You are not restricted to just having one agency. Just imagine you are working full time for a company selling seasonable products where the main proportion of the annual turnover is in the summer months. This can be quite soul-destroying for full-time reps. In the quiet period, particularly if summer was not as lucrative as expected.

Having another agency that fills the quiet time is a great way for you to maintain sustainability throughout the year. Again, the benefit of being self employed.

With the present “new normal” situation, face-to-face-presentations have moved swiftly to telesales and video-links. Here is a need for sales agents to adapt to the present situation.

It is not surprising how many people who are used to face-to-face, find great difficulty when it comes to working remotely. Having trained telesales people and built telesales teams for companies, I have produced a specialised telesales training course which is ideal for commission – only sales agents as well as for those wishing to operate from home.

The present environment offers rich pickings for potential Sales Agents. Now is the right time to act and change your lives for the better. Since Covid -19, or rather because of it, I am more busy. You can be too.

Is there a downside? Yes, only one. There is no room for laziness. Make everyday count.

Use your time wisely. You will be amazed how many new contacts you can make that will enrich your life and give you fulfilment.

If you need more help finding a position as a commission-only sales agent, feel free to email me at bizzydave@hotmail.co.uk

I will signpost you in the right direction.

Good luck and best wishes.

David Fenton