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Join Esya: Offer Businesses Remote Recruitment & Payroll Services with 50% Savings on Costs


Location: London / Work from home

Target Markets: Business Services, Finance & Insurance, Software & Applications

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Recurring commission | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: 20% Commission

Deal Size: £10000 - £100000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Present Cost Effective Services Businesses Will Want to Hear About

At Esya, we’re revolutionizing the domain of international employment with our cutting-edge Employer of Record (EOR) and bespoke payroll services.

We use India’s dynamic talent market and seamlessly connect global businesses with premier professionals, fostering international collaborations. So, you can offer your contacts and customers Recruitment and Payroll services 50% cheaper than comparable services in the UK.

In return for sales, agents can earn substantial commissions of 20%.

A typical 6 month deal pays a commission of £6,000.

This opportuity has huge earning potential for agents.

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Our Service Offerings

  1. Recruitment Services: Tap into India’s finest remote talent through our robust network, designed to make cross-border hiring as straightforward as possible.
  2. Payroll Services: Benefit from our efficient payroll solutions, meticulously crafted to manage your Indian remote teams with full compliance and enhanced operational efficacy.


  • Innovative Approach

    Esya is synonymous with innovation. By integrating recruitment and payroll services for the Indian market, we're not just a part of the industry—we're leading it. As a sales partner, you're the vanguard, offering a service that's shaping the very future of global employment.

  • Attractive Commission Package

    We offer an attractive commission package, rewarding you for your dedication and success in bringing our services to a global audience. For clients opting for our services at £5,000 per month with a minimum 6-month term, you will earn a substantial commission of 20%. Example: With a 6-month commitment from the client, the total service cost is £30,000 (£5,000 per month x 6 months). Your commission as a Sales Agent would be 20% of this total, which amounts to a significant £6,000 for securing the deal.

  • Recurring commission

    Our 12-month tail commission on all deals means you enjoy sustained earnings. For example, bringing onboard a client with 10 employees for our Payroll Service could net you an annual recurring commission of £7,260.

  • Freedom & flexibility

    Freedom to work from anywhere, however if you need to take in-person meetings for large deals then you can and should.

Target market

We serve a diverse range of companies, from emerging startups to established giants looking to tap into India’s vast talent pool or to streamline their payroll operations.

Monetize your existing contacts across a wide range of sectors and offer businesses huge cost savings on these essential services. Companies in many sectors will want to hear about the services you are presenting.

Ideal Profile

Esya is on the lookout for sales professionals who are passionate about fostering business growth through innovative solutions.

If you excel in a fast-paced sales environment and understand the recruitment and payroll sectors, Esya presents a thrilling opportunity to make a significant impact.

Ready to Make an Impact?

Take the leap with Esya. Apply now and start connecting businesses with the cost-effective solutions they need for their business.