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Spark Speak AI

Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Software & Applications

Benefits: Successful track record with agents or sales people | Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Professional training and support offered | First sale bonus | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: 20% of implementation cost (which is generally $40k - $80k, depending on needs)

Deal Size: £10000 - £100000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Company Description:

Spark Speak is a vanguard in AI automation and digital transformation, dedicated to revolutionizing business operations, enhancing customer experiences, and driving sales efficiency through cutting-edge technology. We specialize in AI development, custom chatbots, process automation, CRM automation, and more, serving a diverse clientele from startups to established corporations.


At Spark Speak, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the way businesses operate through cutting-edge AI and automation technologies. Our suite of services is designed to address the myriad challenges and opportunities facing businesses in today’s digital landscape. We specialize in:

  • AI Development: Tailored AI solutions that drive efficiency, from custom chatbots to advanced machine learning models.
  • Process Automation: Streamlining operations to enhance productivity and reduce costs, leveraging the latest in automation technology.
  • CRM Automation: Optimizing customer relationship management processes to improve engagement and conversion rates.
  • Sales Funnel Design: Crafting strategic sales funnels that nurture leads effectively from awareness to conversion.
  • Personalized Integrations: Custom integration services that ensure seamless interoperability between various business systems and platforms.

Our target clientele ranges from ambitious startups eager to carve out a niche in their market, to established conglomerates looking to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. As a commission-only sales representative for Spark Speak, you’ll be at the forefront of introducing these transformative solutions to businesses ready to take the leap into the future. Your role is pivotal in guiding our clients through the digital transformation journey, ensuring they have the tools and technologies to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.


  • Successful track record with agents or sales people

    At Spark Speak, our commitment to innovation, excellence, and our team's growth has led to numerous success stories that we take pride in. One such example is the journey of Alex, who joined us as a commission-only sales representative two years ago. With a background in technology sales and a keen interest in AI and automation, Alex quickly adapted to our culture of continuous learning and innovation. Within the first six months, Alex leveraged his expertise and our supportive training resources to close deals that were 150% above the team's average. His success was not just in numbers but in the strategic relationships he built with key clients, positioning Spark Speak as an indispensable partner in their digital transformation journeys. Alex's dedication to understanding client needs and aligning them with our solutions resulted in a 200% increase in his personal earnings from commission in the first year alone. His story is a testament to what our sales representatives can achieve with the right mix of ambition, support, and innovative solutions that truly meet market needs. Alex's journey from a new recruit to a top-performing sales leader embodies our belief in providing an environment where motivated individuals can thrive, grow, and significantly impact both their success and that of our clients.

  • Innovative product / service

    At Spark Speak, innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our products and services are designed not just to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital landscape but to set new benchmarks within it. Here are key aspects that underline our innovative edge: Custom AI Solutions: Unlike one-size-fits-all products, our AI solutions are tailor-made to fit the unique needs of each business, ensuring they not only integrate seamlessly into existing workflows but also drive significant improvements in efficiency and productivity. Advanced Process Automation: We employ the latest in machine learning and robotics process automation (RPA) technologies to automate complex, repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable human resources to focus on more strategic, creative endeavors. This not only boosts productivity but also enhances job satisfaction among employees. Dynamic CRM Automation: Our CRM automation tools go beyond simple data entry and management. They provide predictive analytics, customer journey mapping, and personalized communication strategies, enabling businesses to foster deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers. Innovative Sales Funnel Design: Spark Speak's approach to sales funnel design incorporates behavioral science, data analytics, and AI to create highly effective, dynamic funnels. These are not static models but adaptive systems that evolve based on real-time data, ensuring the highest possible conversion rates. Personalized Integrations: Recognizing the diverse technology ecosystems within which modern businesses operate, we offer personalized integration services. This ensures that our solutions not only work well independently but also enhance the functionality and efficiency of other tools and platforms within the business. Focus on User-Centric Design: At the heart of our innovation strategy is a deep commitment to user-centric design. This means our products and services are not just technologically advanced but also intuitive to use, ensuring high adoption rates and customer satisfaction. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and continually seeking out novel approaches to business challenges, Spark Speak ensures that our clients have access to the most innovative solutions in the market. Our commitment to research, development, and collaboration with leading tech innovators means that when you partner with Spark Speak, you're not just keeping up with the times; you're setting the pace

  • Excellent commission terms

    At Spark Speak, we deeply understand the pivotal role our sales representatives play in driving our success and growth. Our commission structure is designed to reflect this recognition, offering one of the most competitive rates in the industry at 20% of the implementation cost. This approach is grounded in several key principles: Rewarding Excellence: Our commission rates are a direct testament to the value we place on the hard work, dedication, and expertise of our sales team. We believe that by offering a significant share of the implementation cost, we not only reward our team's efforts but also motivate them to continue achieving exceptional results. Investing in Our People: By offering such competitive commissions, we're investing in our most valuable asset—our people. This investment is not just financial; it's a statement of trust and confidence in our team's ability to drive our mission forward. We see this as a foundational pillar of fostering a motivated, satisfied, and high-performing sales force. Aligning Interests: Our commission structure is designed to align the interests of Spark Speak with those of our sales representatives. By directly linking compensation to the success of our implementations, we ensure that our sales team is fully invested in not only closing deals but also in ensuring that the solutions we provide are truly in the best interests of our clients. Encouraging Ambition: With implementation costs typically ranging between $30,000 and $80,000, a 20% commission rate offers substantial earning potential. This structure is crafted to attract and retain ambitious professionals who are driven not just by financial rewards but by the opportunity to be part of cutting-edge projects that redefine how businesses leverage technology for growth. Reflecting the Value of Our Solutions: Finally, our generous commission rates are a reflection of the high value and transformative potential of our products and services. By setting our commissions at such rewarding levels, we underline the significance of the solutions we offer and the crucial role our sales team plays in bringing this value to our clients. In essence, our commission structure is a core component of our strategic approach to growth, talent acquisition, and client satisfaction. At Spark Speak, we are committed to building a culture where excellence is recognized, ambition is nurtured, and success is shared.

  • Professional training and support offered

    Continuous Learning and Development: We believe in lifelong learning and offer ongoing training opportunities that cover a wide range of topics, from advanced sales techniques and market trend analysis to deep dives into AI and automation technologies. These sessions are conducted through a combination of in-house experts, external workshops, and online courses, catering to diverse learning preferences and schedules. Sales Enablement Tools: Spark Speak provides its sales team with state-of-the-art sales enablement tools and resources. This includes access to CRM systems, prospecting tools, presentation software, and detailed analytics platforms. These tools are designed to streamline the sales process, enhance productivity, and enable our representatives to focus on what they do best—selling. Personalized Coaching and Mentoring: Recognizing the unique strengths and areas for growth of each sales representative, Spark Speak offers personalized coaching and mentoring. Our experienced sales leaders work closely with team members to develop individualized growth plans, set achievable goals, and provide ongoing feedback and support. Collaborative Team Environment: We foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, where sales representatives are encouraged to engage with their peers, share insights, and learn from each other's experiences. Regular team meetings, strategy sessions, and peer-led workshops facilitate a supportive and dynamic learning environment.

  • First sale bonus

    First Sale Bonus Structure: Bonus Amount: Upon successfully closing their first sale, the sales representative will receive a one-time bonus of $1,000, in addition to their regular commission. This bonus is a token of our appreciation for their hard work and dedication in navigating the initial phase of their sales journey with Spark Speak. Qualification Period: To qualify for the First Sale Bonus, the first sale must be closed within the first 30 days of the sales representative's start date. This period encourages new team members to hit the ground running and quickly apply the training and resources provided to them. Eligibility: All new sales representatives are automatically eligible for the First Sale Bonus upon joining Spark Speak. The bonus is applicable to the first sale that meets or exceeds our minimum deal size of $30,000 in implementation cost.

  • Freedom & flexibility

    Autonomy in Scheduling: We recognize that peak productivity times vary from person to person. That's why our sales representatives have the freedom to manage their own schedules. Whether you're an early riser who likes to start the day before dawn or someone who finds their stride in the afternoon, you have the flexibility to work when you're at your best. Remote Work Opportunities: In today's digital age, being tied to an office is often unnecessary. Spark Speak embraces remote work, allowing our sales team to operate from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility means you can work from home, a co-working space, or even while traveling, as long as you're meeting your goals and maintaining strong communication with your team and clients. Control Over Sales Strategy: While we provide extensive training, resources, and support, we also encourage our sales representatives to bring their creativity and strategic thinking to their roles. You have the freedom to develop and execute sales strategies that you believe will be most effective, allowing for a personalized approach that can lead to greater satisfaction and success. Decision-Making Autonomy: Spark Speak values the insights and experiences of our sales team. You'll have the autonomy to make decisions that impact your sales processes, from choosing which leads to pursue to tailoring your approach to meet a client's needs. This level of trust and responsibility empowers our sales representatives to take ownership of their success. Balancing Work and Life: We believe in the importance of a healthy work-life balance. The flexibility of this role is designed not just to maximize sales and productivity but also to ensure that our team members can enjoy their personal time, hobbies, and family life. Spark Speak supports and encourages our team to find a balance that leads to both professional fulfillment and personal happiness. Ongoing Flexibility: As our company grows and evolves, so too will the ways in which we embrace freedom and flexibility. We are committed to adapting our policies and practices to support the well-being and success of our team.

Target market

Our target market at Spark Speak is as diverse and dynamic as the solutions we offer. We aim to partner with businesses across a spectrum of industries, sizes, and stages of growth, who share a common ambition: to leverage technology for scalable, sustainable success. Specifically, our ideal clients include:

  • Innovative Startups: Visionary enterprises in their early stages, hungry for growth and looking to establish a competitive edge through advanced technology and automation.
  • SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises): Established businesses seeking to optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experiences through digital transformation.
  • Large Corporates and Conglomerates: Industry leaders aiming to maintain their market position by adopting cutting-edge innovations, improving process efficiencies, and driving digital engagement.
  • Sector-Specific Enterprises: Organizations within sectors such as finance, healthcare, retail, and e-commerce, where AI and automation can deliver significant value by personalizing customer experiences, streamlining operations, and analyzing vast quantities of data for strategic insights.

Our sales representatives are tasked with the exciting challenge of identifying and engaging these businesses, understanding their unique needs, and demonstrating how Spark Speak’s solutions can catapult them into new realms of efficiency and growth. It’s about building partnerships with forward-thinking leaders who are ready to embrace the future of business with Spark Speak’s AI and automation technologies.

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Ideal Profile

At Spark Speak, we are on the lookout for more than just sales representatives; we are seeking visionary partners who are ready to join us in transforming the future of business through AI and automation technologies. The ideal candidates for our commission-only sales positions are:

  • Entrepreneurial Spirited: Individuals who thrive in fast-paced environments, possess a startup mindset, and are eager to take initiative and drive their own success.
  • Relationship Builders: Professionals who excel in creating and nurturing relationships, understanding client needs deeply, and positioning solutions that genuinely add value.
  • Tech-Savvy Communicators: Those with a keen interest in technology and the ability to articulate complex solutions in a clear, compelling manner.
  • Results-Driven: People motivated by achievements, who are committed to reaching and exceeding targets, and who thrive on the challenge of converting prospects into loyal customers.
  • Adaptable Learners: Candidates who are quick to adapt to new tools, technologies, and sales strategies, and are committed to continuous personal and professional development.

Why This Opportunity Should Be Interesting for You:

  • Uncapped Earning Potential: With a commission-only structure, your efforts and successes are directly rewarded, offering unlimited income potential based on your performance.
  • Be at the Forefront of Innovation: Represent cutting-edge AI and automation solutions that are shaping the future of industries. This is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and expertise in a rapidly growing sector.
  • Impactful Work: Play a pivotal role in helping businesses transform their operations, enhance their productivity, and achieve sustainable growth. Your work directly contributes to their success.
  • Flexible and Autonomous: Enjoy the flexibility to manage your schedule and work autonomously, fostering a work-life balance that suits your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Growth and Development: Spark Speak is committed to the professional growth of our team. Engage in continuous learning and development opportunities that enhance your skills and career trajectory.

Joining Spark Speak means becoming part of a forward-thinking team that values innovation, results, and the power of technology to transform businesses. If you’re driven, passionate about sales, and ready to make a significant impact, we want to hear from you.

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