TwoAlign BV

Sales agents and distributors for Nespresso functional coffees (with added vitamins, minerals)

TwoAlign BV

Contact Person: Sander Jacobs

Telephone: +31621210153


Company Industry: Food & Drink

Company location: Netherlands

Sales areas: no restrictions, every where

Food and beverages combine with various health benefits. This is a trend that has already begun and is only about to really take off in the coming years.

Our coffee capsules are blended and infused with health benefits that are tangible and we are breaking through the markets in Europe and want to take on the UK.

In our factory in Rotterdam based in the Netherlands, we manufacture Nespresso compatible functional coffee capsules in collaboration with our partner Euro Caps (world market leader manufacturer private label Nespresso compatible coffee capsules).

Our journey started with the development of a coffee capsule with CBD in it. A year later we have a whole range of blends that we can offer, such as vitamin D and a Vitamin C. In addition, we offer complete blends such as a beauty, brain, immunity, B-complex, a multivitamin blend and a energy blend with extra cafein and taurin in it. One of the spearheads has always been to manufacture coffee capsules that actually have health benefits for the consumer. We work with independent lab tests that are transparent to our customers. A coffee contains half the recommended daily amount of vitamin D. Another example; 1 multivitamin coffee contains half the recommended daily amount of most vitamins and minerals. And this without affecting the taste of the coffee. We offer delicious coffees in lungo, espresso, ristretto and decaf. Our capsules are made of alumium (25% recycled) or fully home compostable.

We offer our home brand Bennie Green initially if a company does not want to start their own coffee label right away. Companies can start their own label Nespresso compatible coffee brand with an MOQ of 5,000. packs (50,000 capsules) per functional. We also provide the packaging in the provided corporate identity and the boxes are immediately ready for sale.

We are also looking for distributors and salesagents that have entrances to the mentioned markets to sell our brand Bennie Green.

Our company stands for transparency and quality. We have the ambition to be better than our competitors and we have always lived up to this so far. Our R&D continues to develop so that we are able to offer consumers the best blends now and in the future.


We are already in contact with larger retailers in the UK. But the opportunities are very widespread, from the beauty industry, wellness, vitamin companies and sports/fitness.Smaller and larger retailers who either want to sell our brand or start their own functional coffee label.Check out our website for more info. If you think you have the right network email me personally at [email protected] course you can provide leads with samples, presentations etc.

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    I am very transparent and we work with a standard 5% commission on all net sales. In the field of coffee where everything is about volumes, this can be very fast. The Uk market is the second largest market worldwide for Nespresso compatible capsules. Billions of capsules are consumed annually in the UK alone.

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    Marketing materials is certainly a possibility but only with high potential customers