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Babingtons Blends

Bring a Unique Tea Brand Infused with a Dash of Italian Style to the UK Market

Babingtons Blends

Location: Ireland / London / Midlands / North East / North West / South East / South West / Wales / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Food & Drink, HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Other, Retail & FMCG

Commission: We offer a full Agency Agreement and competitive rates of commission

Deal Size: £100 - £1000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

With a story like no other, the brand strong and the product even stronger, this opportunity is a rare find…

Babingtons Tea Rooms were founded in Rome in 1893 by two well to do, genteel British ladies, Miss Babington & Miss Cargill.

On the Grand Tour along with many Victorians of their day, they sought a refuge from the heat where ladies could relax, read the journals of the day, discuss the news & events of the time and of course, enjoy a cup of the finest, health-giving teas.

Years & years ahead of their time, they were in-fact, emancipated entrepreneurs with an added dash of British eccentricity, style & wit.

This unique spirit endures to this day. Babingtons, located at the foot of Rome’s iconic Spanish Steps, is still owned & led by descendants of the founders – Rory Bruce & Chiara Bedini.

The world now comes to Babingtons Rome, with over 50,000 international guests per annum – plus of course, their devoted Italian customers who have loved them for generations.

Rory & Chiara realised that this magical elixir was limited only to the people who came through their door in Rome. However passionate these customers were, there was an underlying frustration that more people could not enjoy Babingtons. So, they thought…if the world comes to Babingtons, why not take Babingtons to the world?

Hence, Babingtons Blends will launch in the UK with a range of 10 of Chiara’s – & Babingtons customers’ – favourite teas.

The unique positioning the brand will take in the super premium tea market, however, may be summed up by a quote from Chiara: “We don’t sell tea. We sell the unique experience & story of Babingtons in a cup.” Hence, the brand strategy is to differentiate from all other teas by not competing with them.

Not only is our brand’s story unique, but it is alive, vibrant, contemporary and benefits from world class packaging design & imagery. We require established sales agents to help bring our premium product to market in the UK. With our considerable PR and marketing activity, you will have all of the support you could ever wish for from a company to make this a successful venture for you!


Our range consists of ten blends, packaged in three different forms:

  • Loose leaf pouches
  • Biodegradable Pyramids (retail packs and foodservice envelopes)
  • Tea caddies

Our blends are presented with exquisite and Italian design but with the unique twist of English wit and eccentricity.

We also have a full range of point-of-sale material designed for each trade channel.

Target market

We operate in the premium – super premium sector and are ideally targeting the following types of businesses:

  • High-End Food & Drink Outlets
  • Hotels, Restaurant and Cafés
  • Retail – Examples include Harvey Nichols, M&S, Waitrose, Selfridges, Harrods
  • Garden Centres
  • Fashion and Sporting Events

We are open to other commercially viable opportunities if you have a particular background that may suit Babington’s target market.


We offer a full Agency Agreement and competitive rates of commission.

  • ongoing and repeat orders.
  • The type of clients we create long term relationships with make the lifetime value of their business extremely high.
  • You are encouraged to add us to your portfolio, this will be a fantastic addition for you to approach your established contacts with.
  • You will have your own, dedicated geographical region exclusive to you.
  • We will be supporting you with extensive marketing including a huge launch with substantial PR, Instagram campaigns, reviews from Sunday papers and a new website launch complete with a trade section for agents to use for your clients.

Ideal Sales Agent Profile

  • We would like to hear from established agents who already operate within a customer base that would be mutually beneficial.
  • Ideally Agents will hold an existing portfolio of premium speciality food products.
  • Babingtons is a proposition that is very unique, our aim is to build a small team of agents who are as passionate about Babingtons as we are!
  • Experience with tea is not strictly necessary as we will provide full product training and all the necessary sales material and samples.
  • Above all we are looking to work with agents who will become a key part of our team and grow with us on this journey.

To work with us as we bring our products to the market for the first time contact us today. Use the button below or call us at 07703-511176.

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