Pith & Stem Ltd

Location:London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Facilities Management, HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: 5 - 7,5%

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

Fully-integrated workstation for home leisure & business with sustainability at its core

Pith & Stem is a furniture manufacturer with sustainability at it’s core that was established to solve meaningful problems. We want to grow the brand internationally and use business as a force for good. We aim to reforest, clean ocean plastic, support the transition away from fossil fuels and plastic and invest in technologies and projects that will start repairing the damage we humans have caused to our home planet.

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    Pith & Stem Ltd

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DropTop.™ is a smart, stylish desk with integrated screens, whilst also seamlessly hidden away with an attractive framed picture when closed. It connects to any laptop through a single USB cable and instantly turns into a powerful triple screen workstation, built for multitasking, hyper-productivity and efficiency. Customers and guests no longer need to struggle to do their basic daily work that includes more than just reading an email when they are away from their home or office setup. Using just a small laptop screen makes multitasking a struggle and productivity hard.

DropTop.™ is perfect not only for hotel rooms and homes but also museums, student accommodation, garden rooms, conference and events centres, and any place where space is limited or can be utilised to generate additional revenue. With customisable artwork, DropTop.™ can comfortably be turned into an impactful focal point in any room or provide a smart, stylish advertising space.

DropTop.™ is guaranteed to boost revenue in any environment—whether you’re approaching a small business looking for a new way to attract customers or a big company that wants to increase profits and please its clients.

DropTop.™ units are installed in a variety of places – from typical meeting rooms to even restaurant and bar areas – giving more flexibility with event setups.

Target market

Droptop.™ is great for any place where space is limited or can be utilised to generate additional revenue and attract more customers. By nature, it is a fully customisable product, giving businesses the opportunity to have their very own unique version.

Employers that have flexi-working policies in place can purchase DropTop.™ units for their employees. It’s a great solution as the employee wouldn’t have to compromise their interior styling or give up any space and the employer would ensure that their employees have a powerfull setup with multiple screens that was built for multitasking and efficiency. Much more effective than giving a £1500 incentive every year.

A really cool solution for cafes, bars and restaurants that want to attract corporate customers and keep them for longer. People will book areas for networking meetups and small presentations or simply spend 2-3 hours in between meetings, working in a pleasant vibe whilst still being able to multitask and work efficiently.

Hotels can use their dead space to create more rentable space, co-working and networking space attracting more corporate business. Hotels near airports or within corporate areas that don’t have DropTop.™ desks in their bedrooms will be at a disadvantage as businesses will prefer the hotels that offer DropTop.™  for their employees. After the meetings are done corporates will be able to return to a powerful working setup in the quiet of their room, as opposed to a tiny desk that is uncomfortable and not built for productivity.

Mass “build to rent” property owners such as Quintain living (formerly Tipi) can make their properties “working from home” compatible without giving up any space. That would definitely attract a huge market of tenants.

Exhibitors  and event organisers can have DropTop.™ units on their communal/networking areas and use the face  of the DropTop.™  as advertising space. Airport lounges can attar t more people and monetise the face in the same way.

Cruise ships can also atract entrepreneurs and executives that want a break but need to still do a few hours of work daily.

Many businesses have downsized their leased office space and adopted a flexi-working policy. By having Droptop.™ desks on their office walls, they will have the benefit of having additional desks on demand only when they need them.

Student accommodation organizations would be able to attract more students by offering DropTop.™ setups. It is a product that will impress parents, teachers and students.

Universities would greatly benefit by utilising dead space whilst offering additional really powerful setups to their students.

DropTop.™ can also improve businesses green credentials as we plant 10 trees for every unit we sell through TreeNation, a non proffit organization commited to sustainably reforesting affected areas around the world. A business purchasing 100 units would plant 1000 trees creating their own little forest.

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Ideal Profile

We are looking for candidates that already has connections in these industries and can get involved and start selling straight away.

DropTop.™ is a great product, built to last, made in the UK with sustainable, top-quality materials. The timing for such a product is great and the sales opportunities are endless and it’s a product that has no competition. DropTop talks the language of the business owners as it isn’t just saying sustainability and I plant 10 trees but it’s saying, I will attract customers, bring the wow factor and make you money.

It is a patent-pending product, trademarked and with a registered design, it was invented by us and it’s only made by us. The commissions are great and with the right connections and enough work, huge deals can be landed. There are chains with thousands of hotels worldwide and even a smaller chain can easily decide to try them and then place an order of 1000 units. As it is a high-value product with each unit starting at around 1k and with a commission from 5 – 7.5% if a single deal sold 1000 units you could take the rest of the year off somewhere in the sun.

We provide engaging imagery, sales material training, and a series of pitching lines making your life easier.

We currently have no minimum sales order and each unit costs start at around £1000. Businesses can order anything from a couple of units to hundreds. DropTop.™ is a practical, unique product, that can not only save space but also attract new customers and help businesses create new revenue streams.