High Ticket Real Estate Closer Min Ticket £13,500 10% | Sales Agents UK

CLC Consult

Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Finance & Insurance

Benefits: Successful track record with agents or sales people | Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Sales leads provided | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: 10% of deal value minimum £1,350 per deal

Deal Size: £10000 - £100000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Join our dynamic real estate company, a front-runner in the market due to our unique, government-backed investment opportunities. With solid partnerships established with relevant government bodies and top-tier developers, we have secured an unbeatable position in the industry. Our portfolio boasts hundreds of available units, ranging from luxurious to practical, catering to a diverse clientele.

Our cutting-edge marketing strategies have successfully generated a wealth of hot leads, ensuring our sales team is always engaged with potential buyers. This setup not only promises a steady stream of transactions but also offers our team members the chance to excel in a fast-paced, rewarding environment.

We are looking for motivated individuals who are eager to capitalize on this golden opportunity. If you’re passionate about real estate and looking to thrive in a company that stands out for its government-backed projects and strong market presence, we want you on our team. Join us and be a part of a winning team where your efforts are recognized, and your success is guaranteed.


Our unique real estate investment offering stands out in the marketplace, providing investors with a rare combination of monthly return payments and a healthy annual percentage yield (APY), all while maintaining minimal risk. This exceptional opportunity is fortified by our strategic contracts in place, ensuring a stable and secure investment landscape.

What truly sets our investment apart are the three layers of security we’ve implemented to ensure investor confidence and comfort. These safeguards are designed to protect investments and guarantee peace of mind, making it an attractive option for those seeking both stability and profitability in their investment portfolio.

Whether you’re an experienced investor looking for a reliable income stream or a newcomer seeking a safe entry point into real estate investment, our product offers a compelling blend of benefits. With returns paid out monthly and a robust APY, coupled with unparalleled security measures, our real estate investment is the smart choice for anyone looking to maximize their investment potential with minimal risk.


  • Successful track record with agents or sales people

    Sales reps with experience, typically close 5 deals minimum per month which is £6k + comms

  • Innovative product / service

    It's a unique time sensitive investment which will be wrapped up in 2026, so it's not around for ever with minimum risk.

  • Excellent commission terms

    Commission is paid promptly, as soon as funds are sent to us. We can release monthly

  • Sales leads provided

    Our sales leads come from 4+ traffic sources, automated, warmed up and setters will book appointment. You can also call them yourselves to manage the whole process.

  • Freedom & flexibility

    We just want reliable people who can dedicate time to handling the leads we're generating. If you look after us the perks are massive.

Target market

Our real estate investment opportunity is tailored to meet the diverse needs of both retail and institutional investors, with ticket sizes ranging from a single unit at £13,500 to bulk purchases in the hundreds, amounting to £1.3 million. Our target market consists of investors who already possess an understanding and experience in real estate, seeking a more stable and secure investment alternative to traditional buy-to-let (BTL) or rent-to-rent (R2R) models.

Our offering is particularly appealing to those who appreciate the nuances of real estate investment and are looking for a hassle-free way to earn returns. With the benefits of monthly returns and a healthy annual percentage yield (APY), coupled with minimal risk due to our comprehensive contracts and triple-layered security measures, we provide a compelling investment option.

Investors seeking stability, security, and steady income, without the complexities and uncertainties of managing physical properties, will find our investment to be an ideal fit. Our product is designed for those who wish to leverage their real estate knowledge into making informed investment decisions that offer both short-term gains and long-term security. Join us in this unique investment opportunity that bridges the gap between traditional real estate investments and the desire for a more secure, passive income.

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Ideal Profile

Our ideal candidates are self-starters with a proven track record of success in their fields. We’re searching for individuals who bring a robust network of contacts and possess exceptional skills in closing deals during virtual meetings. Strong presentation abilities, expertise in emotional selling, and the art of framing conversations are key competencies we value highly.

Experience in real estate or familiarity with government initiatives is a significant advantage, as it enables a deeper understanding of the unique benefits our investment opportunities offer. We seek professionals who can leverage their knowledge and networks to effectively communicate the value of our government-backed real estate investments, ensuring they resonate with both retail and institutional investors.

The ability to connect with clients on an emotional level, understand their needs, and present our investment as the solution to their search for stability and security in the real estate market is crucial. Our team members are not just selling; they are building lasting relationships based on trust and the assurance of a secure, profitable investment.

If you have a passion for real estate, a drive to achieve, and the skills to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, we invite you to join our team. Together, we’ll tap into a wealth of investment opportunities, backed by the assurance of government initiatives and a commitment to investor security.

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