Paytia Ltd

Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Finance & Insurance

Benefits: Commission-based / Recurring commission

Commission: 10% recurring income

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Paytia are a Fintech service provider in a high growth, compliance driven, secure telephone payments market.

We provide a secure payment service to merchants whose staff (1-1000’s) need to take card payments over the phone.

Instead of customers reading their card numbers aloud, they key them into their phone keypad.  This is as secure as a website or where you put your card into a card machine and enter your PIN, but over the phone instead.   Over 4 years we found many small businesses have no affordable solution available until Paytia came along, so our mission is to sell to the mass market.


Paytia is used by a merchant taking a card payment over the phone securely.

Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal is a system to enter a customer’s payment info (name on their card and the amount) but have the customer enter their card number using their telephone keypad.

It connects to their phone system and their bank.

It takes 5 minutes to demonstrate, half an hour set set up, and we offer free trials so customers can use it before commitment.

We charge monthly per user, typically £50 per customer and discounts for large businesses.

We are looking for introductions to interested buyers who will most likely be small businesses whose sole criterial is that they take card payments over the phone.  We can do the rest!

Target market

All companies that take card payments for products or services over the telephone are required to comply with the mandatory PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) and GDPR (General data Protection Regulations)

If the target company is asking customers to read aloud their card number so the merchant can type them into the card machine, they are non compliant.  They are exposed to fines, banking surcharges and even bank account closures.  It seems that only the largest companies have found a solution so far; as the large companies implement expensive industrial systems typically costing £10,000 to set up and £hundreds per employee per year.  Paytia are now ready to take the service to the mass market with our affordable service.

Paytia’s service scales down to small businesses with even just one person in their business who needs to take card payments over the phone.  Of course, we are interested in multi site operations where many staff take card payments over the phone too, and offer a low cost, easy to set up, secure service.  We have a speed, price and innovation advantage.

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Ideal Profile

Its a financial payment service so sellers must act professionally when dealing with customers.

Its very easy to explain, taking just a minute or two to introduce.  Most businesses know they must not take card details over the phone but 90% of them are still doing it with no security whatsoever.  Recent fines for big companies Ticketmaster and British Airways are raising the customer awareness that this has to stop.

The demo if needed is easy to do – or pass leads to us to show the product in action.

All businesses that take card payments over the phone – from the florist, take-away, plumber, bike shop to the call centre – all need a solution so finding companies who need it isn’t that hard.  Finding the person who cares to make their company compliant takes some effort, but is not hard to do.

This service sale fits with any payment related or telephone related discussion you may be having already.

Think about who you read your card details aloud to yourself, maybe when you buy a take-away or mail order product from someone you phoned yourself ..that’s the mission!

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