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Riskpoint London LTD

SaaS FinTech RegTech Spreadsheet replacement Software – commission in perpetuity!

Riskpoint London LTD

Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Finance & Insurance

Commission: 10% of recurring SaaS revenue in perpetuity

Deal Size: £10000 - £100000

Sales Type: Online sales (no need to talk to customer)

Riskpoint is a bespoke software development agency based in central London.  Our specialism is spreadsheet replacement tools for almost any application.


We have two main offerings:

  1. Bespoke projects for any company looking to replace a spreadsheet type application / process.
  2. Product sales based on our developed platforms . More information at   :

Learning Management System

Bespoke Learning Management System , when an out of the box LMS isn’t suitable. Fully customisable with our IT support for complex deployment requirements.

Bespoke Billings 

A bespoke billing application for creating complex bill structures , developed for a fund administrator. Similar to Financial Force but more customisable.

Client Onboarding

Client subscription applications for things like fund investments etc Built for a fund administration firm to allow its private equity clients to onboard their clients through KYC process etc

ESG Apps

ESG bespoke questionnaire data collection tools , secure email data collection , data transformation, scheduled questionnaires..

Regulation management system. Can handle any regulation set .– work flows and authorisations tool etc.

Regulation with Risk & Rules Management, any regulations can be uploaded like Pension Regulation – can be adapted for any Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)




Target market

The majority of our clients are financial firms but our applications can be adapted for almost any type of business that’s struggling with spreadsheets !

We have an impressive list of current and past clients that can provide excellent references.

Ideal Profile

If you are in industry that relies heavily on spreadsheets that are no longer fit for purpose then introducing deals to Riskpoint can give you a sales commission for life. 10% of the SaaS revenue for the life of the client is a compelling proposition.