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Fleet Evolution Ltd

Do You Want To Be Involved In The Future Of Motoring and Make Good Money From It?!

Fleet Evolution Ltd

Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Corporates, from 5 employees upwards

Commission: Per car, £200 upon order or £10 per month , sales agent to decide preference

Your choice of upfront of residual income with this electric offer!

Fleet Evolution are an employee benefits company, offering electric cars via an arrangement called ‘salary sacrifice’ to employers. This arrangement allows colleagues to take an electric car in lieu of salary, meaning they save tax and NI making the car much cheaper than retail. We employ 15 people and are a growing company but only 20% of companies actually know about our scheme so we are seeking talented people to introduce this scheme to their customers, provide us the contact and then be rewarded if they order cars.

This is quite a technical market so we are just seeking well qualified leads, for which we will then pay a commission as and when cars are ordered. This could open up significant recurring revenue streams for you over the next few years, typically 10% of the eligible employee base take cars.


We are looking to provide electric cars to corporates via salary sacrifice. An arrangement where the employer can offer electric cars to their team, at no cost to the employer with no leaver risk. It’s a no brainer to boost retention and green credentials. We also offer electric vehicles to new starts and offer a wider fleet management service.

Target market

Corporates, from 5 employees upwards. Our smallest customer has 3 employees, our largest 20,000. Employees have to be salaried and earn £22k plus.

The industries our proposition has been most successful in include manufacturing, engineering, and software, our services really can apply to any industry.


The successful agent will benefit from:

  • Per car, £200 upon order or £10 per month, sales agent to decide preference.
  • The ability to progress and learn more within the company as time goes on if the agent wishes.
  • Full training and ongoing support provided.
  • The ability to add our services to their portfolio.


Ideal Sales Agents

The ideal agent for us would be anyone:

  • Working with corporates looking to add value to their portfolio.
  • In the green marketplace would be of specific interest as would business advisers.
  • Has the hunger and drive to provide us consistently with good, quality leads.

If you feel this description matches you, contact Fleet Evolution today!

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