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Help Your Business Clients Maintain Business Continuity & IT Excellence With Eracons

Eracons doo

Location: Ireland / London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Business Services

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Recurring commission | Professional training and support | Sales leads provided | Sales and marketing support

Commission: 7.5 - 10% + bonus for surpassing sales targets. Negotiable, depends on booking.

Deal Size: £100000 +

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Eracons - A wealth of experience in IT and enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Eracons is a IT consulting company that specialises in helping businesses improve their operational infrastructure with a strong focus on empowering IT departments.

Through continuous delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, ranging from functional testing and test automation of SAP, then analyzing geospatial data and crafting cutting-edge Java software applications.

If you are a telesales specialist with a wealth of medium-sized companies in your contacts list, the team at Eracons want to hear from you. In return for introducing the Eracons services to potential clients they’re offering a generous commission of 7.5% and all the support you need to smash your sales targets.

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The Service

Eracons offers a wide range of services to support clients on their digitalization journey, helping them achieve enhanced efficiency, improved customer experience, and minimized business disruptions. By partnering with a leading vendor, the company is able to ensure a superior service at a great price, leveraging a combination of outstanding technology and years of experience.

1. Test Consulting:

Harnessing our extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of functional testing, we provide comprehensive test consulting services. From test architecture design to testing activities governance, our experts seamlessly integrate with your teams. We offer manual testing support, portfolio creation of automated test cases, and ensure smooth test regression campaigns and CI/CD cycles.

2. SAP Test Automation and Beyond:

We go beyond traditional SAP test automation, bringing additional value through process mining, process documentation, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Unleashing the power of automation, we provide feedback for workflows’ optimization, generate process documentation for compliance, and implement RPA to streamline manual tasks. With our expertise, you can achieve efficiency, accuracy, and agility in your SAP environment.

3. Geospatial Data Management:

Our specialization lies in analyzing and capturing datasets into geoinformation systems (GIS), with a specific focus on linear infrastructure such as telecommunication networks, power networks, and gas line networks. Leveraging Open Source platforms, we provide robust GIS solutions for efficient storage and visualization of geospatial data. Our surveying services and 3D mapping products complement GIS applications seamlessly, empowering better decision-making and operational excellence.

4. Software Development:

With our software development capabilities, we bring your ideas to life. Our skilled team of developers crafts scalable, secure, and high-performance software solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s building web applications, enterprise systems, or custom software, our expertise empowers you to stay in line with today’s dynamic digital landscape.


  • Innovative service

    Eracons provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to improve efficiency and help ensure business continuity

  • Excellent commission terms

    Agents can earn upwards of 7.5% commission that is negotiable depending on relevant experience. They can also earn generous bonuses for exceeding their sales targets

  • Recurring commission

    For services that include account management recurring commission can be discussed.

  • Professional support

    Agents will receive all the training and support they need to approach prospects with confidence and match the company’s offering to the unique needs of your clients

  • Sales leads provided

    SAP Leads can be provided. These will be contact information of potential clients.

  • Sales and marketing support

    All presentations we use can be shared. The know-how, materials, facts, and everything the sales agent needs we are eager to provide it.

The Target Market

Eracons targets mid-sized companies that are looking for ways to improve their ERP with SAP implementation. Especially, businesses that want to get ahead of the curve in terms of change implementations and migrating their on-site solutions to the cloud.

Target sectors:

1. Technology Companies engaged in software development, ranging from startups to established enterprises.

2. IT Departments requiring specialized testing expertise to support their software development life cycles.

3. Business Operations relying heavily on critical business flows and processes, particularly those using systems like SAP.

4. Infrastructure and Linear Networks: Our expertise in geoinformation systems (GIS) appeals to companies involved in linear infrastructure management, such as telecommunication networks, power networks, and gas line networks.

5. Agile Development Teams: We offer specialized support to Agile development teams and Scrum methodologies, helping them integrate testing seamlessly.

We tailor our services to meet the unique needs and challenges of each segment, providing them with tailored testing solutions and geoinformation systems expertise that align with their specific requirements.


The Ideal Candidate

The team at Eracons are looking for independent sales agents who understand the needs of medium-sized businesses and the role that SAP automation can have in their operations. This could be a fantastic opportunity for you if you are:

  • Highly motivated and results-driven
  • A skilled communicator with excellent presentation skills
  • Technically minded and able to explain the function of digital technology to non-technical personnel
  • Able to manage their own sales pipeline and CRM
  • Well-connected, boasting great relationships with medium-sized businesses
  • Skilled at generating and converting your own leads

Are you ready to take advantage of this outstanding opportunity?

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