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North London Eats

NorthLondonEats – Sell a Cost Effective Alternative to Current Food Delivery Apps for Takeaways and Restaurants

North London Eats

Location: London / Work from home

Target Markets: Food & Drink

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Sales and marketing support | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: Initially earn £15 for the first 50 takeaways you sign-up,

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

NorthLondonEats is a new food delivery platform that aims to be the number one food, grocery, and convenience goods delivery service throughout North London.

Our service gives takeaways, restaurants, and grocery stores the ability to offer their customers affordable, reliable, and fast delivery 24 hours a day via our app or website, from the customer’s phone straight to their front door. No physical menus, no phone calls, no repeating of orders—just ordering whatever they want, whenever they want it.

Owner Jenny and her team have over 10 years in the industry combined and have a burning passion for bringing exquisite customer experience to every person who comes across North London Eats.

Their mission is to offer takeaways and restaurants a cost-effective service that allows them to keep more of their hard-earned profits rather than paying out high commissions.


NorthLondonEats is looking for high-performing sales agents with an excellent understanding of the food delivery business model to sell our app and website service to takeaways, restaurants, and grocers.

You will be presenting an alternative to the costly commissions paid to the current delivery app services available. Clients pay a flat monthly fee to appear on our app and website, which is not dependent on daily or monthly takings. A flat fee rather than a percentage of the orders placed.


  • Innovative product / service

    Takeaways and restaurants will benefit by paying a flat rate to appear on the North London Eats Delivery Platform Weekly sales takings will be paid directly to the takeaways and restaurants. We offer 24/7 support, no binding contracts, and a 7 day notice period if clients are not completely happy with our service.

  • Excellent commission terms

    We are paying £15 per sign-up for the first 50 takeaways, £25 per sign-up thereafter for the next 100, and £30 for the next 50 takeaways. If the 200 takeaway sign-ups are achieved before December 2023, the commission payable will be renegotiated.

  • Sales and marketing support

    Sales literature will be supplied however sales agents can also direct potential interest to our website sign-up page.

  • Freedom & flexibility

    Agents are free to choose their own hours and approach takeaways however they wish.

Target market

Our target markets are initially takeaways and restaurants in the North London area, starting with postcodes N9, N18, and EN3. A huge target market for sales agents to approach is made up of businesses currently signed up for the leading food delivery apps.

You will have benefits they will want to hear about.

Our goal is to sign up 200 takeaways and restaurants by December 2023.


Ideal Profile

The ideal sales agent will have an excellent understanding of the food delivery business model.

You will have the skills and experience to be able to sell our app and website service to the target market.

Initially, you will be signing up for takeaways and restaurants in the North London area, so you will need to be located in North London or within easy travel distance of that area.

In return, you will earn an extremely generous £750 commission for the first 50 takeaways who sign up for the North London Eats app and website, increasing to £1,250 for the next 50 and £3,000 for the remaining 100 takeaways who sign up.

Use the Apply button below and talk to North London Eats about this opportunity.

Policy Details:

  1. Protection Period: When a restaurant or takeaway joins the North London Eats platform through the efforts of our sales agent, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can lead to their decision to leave within the first 6 months. To protect the commission earned by our sales agents, we will make adjustments to the commission structure.
  2. Commission Adjustment: In the event that a restaurant or takeaway chooses to leave the platform within the initial 6 months of signing up, the commission earned by the sales agent for that specific client will be adjusted. The adjustment will reflect a reduced commission amount, aligning with the shortened duration of the partnership.
  3. Fair Evaluation: Commission adjustments will be made on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the circumstances of the restaurant or takeaway’s departure. This ensures that our sales agents are treated fairly and in accordance with the reasons for the client’s exit from the platform.
  4. Supportive Approach: We understand that there can be various reasons for a business’s departure from our platform. Therefore, our approach is to be supportive of both our sales agents and the restaurants or takeaways, while also maintaining the integrity of our commission structure.
  5. Transparency: We are committed to transparency in our dealings, and our sales agents will be informed of any commission adjustments promptly, along with the reasons for the adjustment.

This commission adjustment protection policy is designed to encourage long-lasting relationships between North London Eats and its partnered restaurants and takeaways while safeguarding the interests of our dedicated sales agents. It demonstrates our commitment to a fair and mutually beneficial partnership.

If you have any questions or require further clarification about this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our sales agents in helping us grow the North London Eats community.