Emerging tech hub

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Emerging tech hub

Contact Person: Hatem Bugshan

Telephone: +4401268469280

Website: www.e-techub.com

Company Industry: Other

Company location: UK

Sales areas: Global

We are  a company creating global hubs of communities in emerging technologies. We conduct several online / on-site events to bring together experts , business and individuals together to exchange ideas and challenges and demonstrate the latest technologies trends with possible solutions. The topics are about applying emerging technologies into different industries. Currently the focus is on healthcare , education, manufacturing and supply chain, marketing and sales, business development.


We sell different membership packages . Each package offer benefits to participate in the events. Events will be running throughout the year . All the events and activities are CPD certified which mean in every event attended members will receive certificates accredited by CPD. So simple we offer:

– knowledge

– CPD certificate

– networking

Additional Information

  • Our customers

    Industry wise: businesses from IT / technology industry, healthcare, education, manufacturing, marketing and sales . Individual wise : C- level , mangers , directors , employees looking to enhance their knowledge and career , individuals interested to know more , students looking for continuous development, any individual interested.

  • Reporting

    We are flexible on providing any method that make the partner confident. They can for example send the payment links of subscriptions through their email as our sales partner by that way they know exactly who has subscribed to our services

  • Commission terms

    20 to 30 %

  • Sales material / support

    We provide everything needed from brochures to email templates, registration form , service offerings