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Hartdean Limited

Drive Savings in Hospitality: Hartdean Seeks Sales Agents for Sustainable Hotel & Spa Textiles

Hartdean Limited

Location: Ireland / London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Spas, Hotels, Leisure clubs and resorts

Benefits: Working with a well-established company | Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Recurring commission | Professional training and support offered | Sales leads provided | Sales and marketing support | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: 1 - £1000 = 10% and £1001 above 5%,to be discussed if 10% on all, price relative

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Online sales (no need to talk to customer) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Hartdean Limited, a prominent supplier in the UK and international hotel and spa sectors, specializes in Snag Free – Quick drying towels and robes. Our innovative products, renowned for drying 40% faster than traditional cotton items, not only offer significant cost and energy savings but also come at the most competitive price points in the market. With our established brands like EcoKnit, SpaKnit, and Duo Touch, we have positioned ourselves as a provider of efficient, quality, and cost-effective textile solutions. As the second-largest spa supplier in the UK, we assure unmatched value for our customers.

We’re now actively seeking sales agents to broaden our reach across new markets, leveraging our unique product range with your expertise in sales.


Premium Textile Range: Elevating Hotel and Spa Experiences

At Hartdean Limited, our product range is tailored to enhance the luxury and comfort of the hotel and spa experience. We specialize in:

  • Towels: A variety of high-quality towels, designed for both practicality and luxury.
  • Robes: Our robes are crafted for comfort, offering an indulgent addition to any spa or hotel setting.
  • Treatment Towels: Specifically designed for spa environments, these towels blend functionality with the serene aesthetics of a spa.
  • Leisure Towels: Perfect for recreational use, offering durability and quick-drying capabilities.
  • Bed Linen: We also extend our expertise to bed linen, ensuring a comprehensive offering for hospitality needs.

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  • Steady Foundations in Textile Innovation

    Since 1997, Hartdean Limited has been a trusted supplier to many top brands in the hotel and spa industry, offering agents the stability of a well-established company.

  • Eco-Friendly Innovation in Textiles

    Our unique snag-free and quick-drying products not only offer eco-friendly benefits but also lead to significant energy savings, setting us apart in the market.

  • Lucrative Commission Structure

    With some spa clients accounting for £100K per year, our commission structure offers excellent earning potential for dedicated agents.

  • Building Long-Term Income Streams

    Enjoy recurring commissions for 12 months on each client, fostering a reliable income source.

  • Comprehensive Support and Training

    We equip our agents with all the necessary tools and knowledge, ensuring you're well-prepared to succeed.

  • Assistance with Sales Leads

    We assist in establishing and generating leads, helping you to identify potential opportunities effectively.

  • Strengthened by Strategic Marketing

    Benefit from our comprehensive marketing support, enhancing your sales efforts with well-crafted marketing materials.

  • Your Schedule, Your Success

    Embrace the freedom and flexibility of being an agent, managing your hours to suit your lifestyle and goals.

Target market

Our target market encompasses a diverse range of hospitality entities that require high-quality robes and towels. This includes:

  • Luxurious Spas: Premier destinations for relaxation and rejuvenation, where the quality of towels and robes significantly enhances the guest experience.
  • Hotels: From boutique establishments to large chains, our products cater to their need for durable, quick-drying, and comfortable textiles.
  • Leisure Clubs and Resorts: These recreational havens value our products for their eco-friendly and energy-efficient qualities, aligning with their commitment to sustainability.

This wide market spectrum offers abundant opportunities for sales agents to introduce our unique product line, establish long-term client relationships, and drive significant sales. Our innovative and cost-effective solutions are perfectly suited to meet the diverse needs of these sectors, ensuring repeat business and sustained growth.

Hospitality Sales Specialist Wanted

We’re seeking a sales agent who brings:

  • Established Contacts: Already active within the spa and hotel sector, with a network of potential clients ready for our unique product line.
  • Focused Expertise: Knowledge of the hospitality market, with insights into the specific needs and preferences of spas, hotels, and leisure clubs.
  • Sales Drive: Proven ability to engage and persuade decision-makers in the hospitality sector, leveraging existing relationships for new opportunities.
  • Product Synergy: Ideally offering complementary products or services, with the capacity to integrate our offerings seamlessly into your portfolio.

Your established presence and connections in the hospitality industry are key to this role. If you’re ready to introduce our innovative towels and robes to your network, we’re excited to collaborate with you for mutual success.