Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Logistics and Transport

Business Model: Commission-based / Recurring commission / UK exclusivity

Commission: See above section for our commission fees we pay.

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

Experienced UK Sales Agent Required – Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracking Systems

Guard Pro have been working at the highest level of vehicle security and vehicle tracking for over 25 years. Concentrating on the high end ‘Insurance Approved’ 24 hour live monitoring tracking systems… think of those high end home security systems connected to the police, but for vehicles! We’ve used our experience to put together the very best tracking units, the best live monitoring service in the country and our own dedicated app and web portals to provide the best tracking and security systems in the country.


We are looking to promote our 3 tracking systems:Guard Pro Lite:A Self-tracking & Fleet Management Solution.

Guard Pro:A tracking solution with 24-hour live monitoring, for added security.

Guard Pro Plus: The ultimate tracking and security package. 24-hour live monitoring  & driver I.D. tags.Our pricing… kept simple. Buy outright, Lease or Finance Our trackers can be purchased outright (from £299), Business Lease (from £3.50+VAT, per week) or 0.0% Consumer Finance (from £29.85 per month).


Covering a few different payment options, we target various customers.

Our Buy Outright and 0.0% Consumer Finance: Our main customer base are owners of high end vehicles such as Range Rovers etc, who have been asked by the insurance companies to install an S5 tracker (Guard Pro Plus). One off sales. Potential customers could be car owners, van owners, motorcycle owners. Suitable for all vehicles with a battery source.

Our Lease Customers: We offer business leasing for our products through our leasing partner, Kennets Equipment Leasing. By far our main customer area are businesses, i.e. B2B. Being able to offer our business customers a leasing option, they can spread the cost and also take advance of the tax benefits. With lease deals starting from £3.50+VAT per vehicle, per week… it almost sells itself.  We often find companies generally look at covering their fleet in one go, so sales can often be for 5, 10, 20+ vehicles at a time.

Examples of business areas are:

Construction – Diggers, trucks, hire equipment

Scaffolding firms – Usually have a large fleet

Hire Companies – whether van or car

Any company that has a fleet of vehicles

Any consumer – Usually with high end vehicles

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Ideal Profile

Apart from being a pretty standard sales role, an understanding of vehicle tracking/security would be very beneficial.

We will of course help train any candidate up on our products and services and provide full support for quoting companies. All sales and bookings will come through the central office and the fitting etc will be organised and managed by us. It’s the initial contact and selling we require assistance with, the customer service and order processing is covered.

Really looking for a candidate that is confident approaching companies, finding out the correct person who makes the decisions and agreeing a sale.In our experience, face to face selling works best for our product, for the right candidate, we maybe able to install a tracker for demo purposes, but subject to them proving themselves effective. Cold calling can work as well.

Someone who’s polite, confident, knowledgeable and will be a great first impression for Guard Pro.


We’ve streamlined our commission/referral fees on our products.No matter which way your customer wants to pay, whether it be buy outright, lease or consumer finance, the commission you receive remains the same.

Guard Pro Lite & Guard Pro:£50.00 inc VAT (£41.67 ex VAT)

Guard Pro Plus:£100.00 inc VAT (£83.33 ex VAT)

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:Our referral fees/commission is payable on all trackers purchased by the customer that you introduce. For example, your initial contact and order is 5 trackers, we’ll pay you that commission, say that particular company order another 5 trackers 3 months later, you’ll receive that commission too. We have no cap on the amount of commission you may earn. This is a commission only based sales position, no basic.