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Casoni Spirits Ltd

Casoni Spirits and Liqueurs – Looking for a Sales Agent for the Hospitality and Retail Markets

Casoni Spirits Ltd

Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Food & Drink, Gifts & Crafts, HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Other, Retail & FMCG

Benefits: Working with a well-established company | Professional training and support | Sales and marketing support | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: 15% excluding taxes (VAT and Excise Duty)

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Online sales (no need to talk to customer) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Add these Sprits & Liqueurs to Your Drinks Portfolio

Casoni has a 200 year history of manufacturing spirits and liqueurs. Based in Italy, current production is 50+ million bottles per year distributed worldwide.

Having just established a physical UK branch, based in Warwick, Warwickshire,  we require support to quickly develop the brand in the UK and grow and retain a relevant and appropriate share of the UK market.

We are now looking for a successful sales agent with a thorough understanding of the markets and connections with decision makers in the UK. The right agent will be adding a successful brand to their existing portfolio of products, giving them the opportunity to create a substantial income from sales.

If you are currently working in the drinks, hospitality, or supply chain markets, contact us to discuss how we can form a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.



We have a comprehensive product list of spirits & liqueurs that agents can present to their customers, guaranteed to be of interest and generate a regular income of recurring commission.

The range includes Italian heritage and custom made spirits and liqueurs, plus the opportunity to provide white label and private label liqueurs. 100+ products available, including but not limited to:

  • Limoncello Premium IGP Sorrento
  • Amaretto Casoni
  • Amaro del Ciclista
  • Bitter del Ciclista
  • Aperitivo Casoni 1814
  • Bitter Casoni 1814
  • Gin Tabar
  • Sambuca Casoni
  • Amarotto Almond Smokey liqueur “The Gibson” Casoni by Marian Beke international Bartender
  • Figs and Cherries & Balsamic Vinegar “The Gibson” Casoni by Marian Beke international Bartender
  • Wild Berries & Balsamic Vinegar “The Gibson” Casoni by Marian Beke international Bartender
  • Vermouth Balsamic Vinegar of Modena by Tomaso Agnini
  • Vermouth Walnut Husk by Tomaso Agnini
  • Negroni Casoni Ready to Drink
  • Manhattan Casoni Ready to Drink

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  • Working with a well-established company

    200+ years operating as Spirits and Liqueurs Manufacturer with a proven brand and successful sales to date.

  • Professional training and support offered

    Sales literature, presentation decks, products data sheet and any other required information is available.

  • Sales and marketing support

    Support will be provided by both the UK Branch and the Italian headquarters.

  • Freedom & flexibility

    We are sales orientated. Any formula for a successful partnership that leads to a beneficial sales outcome will be considered.

Target market

We are looking for agents to approach potential customers in the retail, hospitality, and supply chain markets.

  • Spirits Distributors
  • Spirits Wholesalers
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Food & Drink Specialty and Premium Retailers
  • Hotel Chain
  • Supermarkets
  • Cash & Carry / B2B stores

Ideal Profile

The ideal sales agent will be experienced in the food & drink, hospitality, or retail sales sectors. Preferably with good existing connections with decision makers. A thorough knowledge of the UK sector for drinks and the culture, heritage, and trends in the spirit & liqueur sales markets.

A motivated ambitious agent will have the opportunity to build a long term successful relationship with a brand already proven successful.