How to Advertise Your Salaried Sales Positions

There is now an alternative way to advertise your salaried sales positions and connect directly with top sales professionals looking for employed sales jobs.

  • You can advertise for a fraction of the cost of using a recruitment agency.
  • Have a full-page advert written for your vacancy and targeted at your sector.
  • Customise the promotion campaign to get your vacancy seen by sales people.
  • Select how much you want to spend and see the cost before advertising.
  • Use a service that has already proved successful for many businesses.

Advertising employed sales jobs can be very expensive. Recruitment agencies can charge 10% to 25% of the first year’s salary of the sales people they find for employers. This can be a fair price if they have to search and head-hunt to find the right candidates, sift applications, and then hold first interviews. But what if you just want to advertise your sales vacancy in a place where it will be seen by sales professionals actively looking for a new position and complete the recruitment process yourself. A recruitment agency service is not always the most cost-effective, or appropriate, option for recruiting sales staff.

There are several options to advertise your salaried sales positions both offline and online, but again the charges for just one advert can be very expensive and not always successful. Just one advert small in a trade magazine or other printed media can be over £1000.

To advertise on some online recruitment portals can require signing up to a service you may not need to use again, or paying a subscription fee, and the adverts are often all very similar and confined to a standard form with a few words of text.

The alternative solution for advertising employed sales positions

At we have years of experience in helping business principals find and connect with self-employed, independent sales agents and sales agencies. Employers looking for an alternative to recruitment agencies and expensive advert placement have seen how our services work and requested to use them to fill their salaried sales vacancies. We have now added a Head-Hunting feature to our Premium service, which is perfect for finding sales professionals for your employed sales positions.

How the advert and promotion campaigns workFind candidates for Salaried sales positons

We treat every client’s campaign to find sales people individually and aim the advert on our website, the promotion campaign, and the Head-Hunting service at a targeted audience.

Your full-page advert can be written by our professional copywriters from information you provide. The advert can also be written by you, and if required we are happy to check the advert, edit and proof read it, and make suggestions to improve the response rates. Your logo and a short message is placed on our Opportunities page with a link to your full-page advert.

Our Promotions Team will run a campaign using our many online accounts, newsletters, mailshots, and paid adverts and posts at sales professionals that meet your requirements.

Our Head-Hunting team will search and contact sales people and discuss your opportunity with them.

The aim of all this activity is to get sales professionals to apply for your employed sales positions where you then take over and select the ones you want to progress.

And how much does the Premium service costs, with copywriting services, targeted promotion, and head-hunting calls, to find you multiple applicants, visit our services page and select the Premium service at: Find Sales Agents Page.