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Do you know how many businesses in the UK rely on advertising income to survive?

We don’t know either, there are too many to count.

Traditional advertising providers such as those selling ad spaces in Magazines, bill boards, newspapers, radio, tv, and at live events, all depend on advertising income to survive. And now there are new markets opening up with digital advertising opportunities online and ads in venues and public spaces using screens.

Advertising has always been a huge market for independent sales people and partners, now it is even bigger with more ways for all businesses to advertise. This creates excellent opportunities for your as a great sales professional.

You can work with several companies wanting agents to sell advertising space. Put together unique advertising packages using different media to meet client’s needs.

You will have a huge advantage over the employed sales person only selling for just one platform.

See some active opportunities below to get you started. You can also consider to register with us to get notified of new companies looking for an agent to sell advertising space.

Sales Agents Wanted for Selling Advertisement Space

About D2C Live TV: D2C Live TV is the UK’s pioneering television series shining a spotlight on the ecommerce and…
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Klarents Media is a London-based leading specialist publisher of magazines, directories and event guides for associations and exhibitions around the…
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Welcome to Everything ProWrestling, the wrestling influencer hub you’ve been searching for! With a dynamic following of over 60,000 and…
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Local Bizz Online Established in Belfast in 2020 Local Bizz Online provides local businesses with:- (1) High quality social media…
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We’re a Cheshire based party inspiration and real life events magazine, publishing innovative ideas, handy hints and tips, expert advice,…
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Want to work for a innovative company launching right here in Cornwall? Freeride is one of the first free car…
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A dynamic team of creative journalists that have turned their site into an incredible opportunity for businesses to advertise on.…
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Find Sales Agents Selling Advertisement on Commission

Contact us and include some information about the products you want agents to sell. We have agents in all market sectors so the product can be advertising, but doesn’t have to be. One of our account managers will get back to you with information and a suggestion shortly thereafter.

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