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Location: North East / Work from home

Target Markets: HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Recurring commission | First sale bonus | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: 10% commission on every finalized deal, potential bonuses for high performers.

Deal Size: £100 - £1000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Adlixir is a forward-thinking social media marketing and influencer management agency. Pioneering innovative strategies like SMIP (Social Media Influencer Pooling), we’re reshaping the landscape of digital branding and engagement, empowering brands with tailored, impactful campaigns.


We specialize in our flagship Social Media Influencer Pooling service, ensuring optimized influencer campaigns. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services including web development, graphic design, and bespoke campaign strategies.


  • Innovative product / service

    At Adlixir, we pride ourselves on our unique offering of SMIP (Social Media Influencer Pooling). This cutting-edge service not only distinguishes us from the competition but provides a tangible solution for brands looking to maximize their social media engagement. Our approach, rooted in strategic influencer campaign optimization, ensures brands get the most value, making our service a one-of-a-kind in the current digital landscape.

  • Recurring commission

    We value the efforts of our sales agents and understand the importance of long-term partnerships. Every client you bring onboard that opts for our recurring services will ensure a consistent commission for you. As long as the client remains engaged with Adlixir, you'll see returns from your initial effort, allowing you to build a stable, recurring income over time.

  • First sale bonus

    To show our appreciation and confidence in our partnership, we're thrilled to offer a one-off bonus for your first successful sale. An additional 5% commission on top of the standard rate will be awarded for the first client you onboard. It's our way to kickstart our journey together and underscore our commitment to your success.

  • Freedom & flexibility

    Adlixir understands the modern work landscape. We offer our sales agents the liberty to operate in a manner that suits them best. Whether you prefer a particular territory, specific hours, or have your own unique approach to sales, we're here to support. Enjoy the flexibility to work in a way that optimizes your strengths and yields the best results.

Target market

Our primary focus is on brands looking to amplify their digital presence, startups eager to make a mark, and established companies aiming to rejuvenate their online engagement. Industries ranging from tech to fashion to local businesses can benefit from our innovative approaches.

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Ideal Profile

We’re on the hunt for proactive, visionary sales agents with a knack for understanding the digital landscape. If you’re someone who appreciates the nuances of online branding and loves connecting solutions with those in need, Adlixir is your platform. Dive into a world where every sale amplifies a brand’s digital voice.

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