Diolch Drinks

Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Food & Drink

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Recurring commission | First sale bonus | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: From 5-15% based on recurring and bonus commission structure.

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Diolch Drinks was born from Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate Co.  Since 2013 Pip has been making and selling real hot chocolate preparations to industry and for home use, but with the pandemic and massive seasonal variation expanded the range in 2022 and created Diolch Drinks.



Welsh, from di- (“from, of”) + golwchgwolwch (“praise”).

diodydd diolch


Thank you drinks (lit.)Drinks of praise/thanks

This all started as a side-business with Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate in 2013, but it became a full-time income in 2015.  After years of making his own hot chocolate by buying quality dark chocolates and melting them into milk on the hob, it finally dawned on Pip that he was doing this only because a good hot chocolate just wasn’t available in the shops!  He refined his recipes and created an amazing range of hot chocolate using the best chocolates and natural flavours, and making sure as many of his friends as possible could enjoy what he was doing by reducing the allergens and sugar content – with almost thirty varieties!

Five years and a few months after making this his living, Pip found himself (along with the rest of the world) in a pandemic situation.  This led to the closure of all the physical revenue streams such as cafés, gift shops, etc.  A better online presence and a greater range of less-seasonal product was needed.  Selling via Amazon now as well as pipsformilk.co.uk, and expanding into other territories via platforms such as Ankorstore and Faire answered the first part.  Forging relationships with other hot drink producers, and creating new innovations is resolving the second.

Coffi Diolch is Welsh for “Coffee, Thanks”.  Diolch i Tea is a play on a Welsh phrase that means “Thanks to you”.  Diolch Drinks brings three brands together under one new roof.  Pip has found wonderful producers of drinks that complement the high quality of his own hot chocolate, able to create custom blends to his own exacting specifications.  Add to these partnerships Pip’s ability to innovate and 2022 will see more new products, including Cocoaffee (a coffee/cocoa blend for cafetières with a focus on health).

Diolch Drinks supplies retail with GS1 barcodes, and foodservice with small or large tubs depending on need, and is happy to talk about white-label options.


The bread and butter of Diolch Drinks is selling to coffee shops and cafés.  Repeat business on a reliable scale.  But as you’ll already know – the industry is HUGE, with a lot of competition.The main product that will catch a coffee shop’s eye is the coffee blend – of which there are three:

Yaki Dar – a blend of Arabica beans from three origins in perfect balance.  Lightly roasted (3/7) giving a wonderful clean toasty flavour with lingering notes of dark chocolate and stone fruits.Dark Dragon – a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans from a single origin – Vietnam – dark-roasted (5/7) to give a punchy taste experience with notes of black treacle, molasses, and toffee apple.Dai Caff – once more using a blend of Arabica beans from Middle and South America, and treated with the Swiss Water Process to retain a proper  coffee flavour with no chemical elements.  A dark roast (5/7) with notes of lemon zest and chocolate.

These are all roasted by a registered B-Corp using waste coffee grounds to power the roaster.  In addition to this deceptively simple yet versatile (and ethical) range of coffee, Diolch Drinks has their own range of hot chocolates (real and powdered) and loose-leaf teas – unavailable from other coffee houses.  If loose-leaf isn’t your thing, bagged tea is also available.Finally, there’s a new product.

Cocoaffee is a new, innovative product.  It’s the only ready-blended mocha type drink on the market that’s suitable for vegans.  Best described as a black mocha, you add your own sugar and milk to taste!It’s also proper coffee – not instant – so it’s as good as a coffee shop, using the same Arabica blends used in Coffi Diolch.Ethical, Delicious, and Unique.


  • Innovative product / service

    The coffee is roasted by a registered B-corp, using waste grounds so it's as closed-loop, responsible, and friendly as it's possible to be in this sector. Cocoaffee is a brand new Innovative product. It’s the only ready-blended mocha type drink on the market that’s suitable for Vegans. It’s also proper coffee - not instant - so it’s as good as you'll get from a Coffee shop, using the same arabica blends used in Coffi Diolch - hand-roasted in small batches. Ethical, delicious, and unique.

  • Recurring commission

    10% commission for two months after first order, changing to 5% for the next 4 months. Six whole months of commission for one sale. If you choose to account-manage, this will stay at 10% as long as you sell to the customer.

  • First sale bonus

    15% commission on first sale to EVERY customer - an extra 5% on the recurring commission!

  • Freedom & flexibility

    Just want to sell? Just sell. Want to account-manage? You can do that too! Choose you own time and sell in the way you most prefer.

Target market

Primarily you’ll be seeking out new coffee shop customers, but if you have FMCG contacts you can do well getting retail-packaged products into position in large outlets.

Cocoaffee is the real push for retail because there’s nothing like it out there.

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Ideal Profile

Tenacious candidates are the best for this industry, because there’s so much competition.  You need to know your USPs and love the product like you roasted it yourself.If you already have contacts in the industry that’s a huge head-start.A particular interest in the Wales region is a bonus due to the branding.  Siarad Cymraeg?  It can open doors I would have more trouble with as Saesneg-only!