Quaz.me - Digital Business Cards - B2B Agents Average Earnings £85k p/a | Sales Agents UK


Location: International

Target Markets: Business Services, Software & Applications

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Recurring commission | Professional training and support offered | Sales and marketing support | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: Avge. annual commission per unit is £5.40 Multiply this by number of units sold

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales / Telesales / Online

Help Clients Present a Modern Professional Image - While Earning Great Commission

Quaz.me is a digital business card with a difference. It will give your clients an easy way to share contacts and grow their professional relationships while helping to reduce the worlds carbon footprint.

Not only is it better for the environment to use a digital business card, but it is also much cheaper than the old fashioned printed version. Plus, it presents a modern, professional image that makes people stand out and be remembered. 

Quaz.Me is now looking for B2B telesales and field sales agents:

Average annual sales agent commission earnings: £85k, more depending upon the time and resources you focus on sales.

An easy sale for telesales agents to focus on, and a nice addition to field sales agents’ sales offers.

And a sales offer with important environmental benefits for the customer.

Get in at the start as businesses switch to digital business cards. Use the Apply Button below and talk to Quaz.Me…


In addition to all the standard features of a business card, with Quaz.me there are many advantages, including:

An ID checker, which helps to eliminate fraud and scammers.

A video player that allows you to upload anything from a simple greeting video to your latest message or offer to all your contacts.

Automatic updates of any detail changes by yourself or any of the contacts that you have saved in your Quaz.Me account.

Using a Digital Business Card allows users to instantly update their details without having to dispose of unused cards, which is better for the environment and shows a companies eco-friendly credentials.

And many more benefits that we are adding to each month, such as full analytics. Seeing updates gives sales people, including agents, a reason to revisit potential customers whom they may not have signed up on a previous call or visit.

‘Remember when smart phones first appeared, now everyone has one,

Digital Business Cards have now hit the marketplace.’


  • Innovative product / service

    ID checker, which helps to eliminate fraud and scammers Helps to reduce your carbon foot print No more printing costs No need to discard old cards Got your phone... Then you'll never forget your business card Your contacts will be automatically updated with any changes Never forget who they are, with our notes feature One QR code to share all your contact details Need to make a change - update your design - free of charge No limits - share your cards with unlimited contacts

  • Excellent commission terms

    There will be a tiered commission structure with no ceiling limits on earnings. Average OTE 85,000 p/a. You could be selling big numbers of units to the businesses you contact.

  • Recurring commission

    Subscribers, sign up to recurring renewals and the sales agent receives a repeat commission . The more units the more recurring commission.

  • Professional training and support offered

    We will offer full support to all our sales agents where needed

  • Sales and marketing support

    We will have ongoing online social media campaigns as well as PPC and PR We can also tailor material for the individual sales agent or their potential clients We can allow the agents to offer free trials to any potential clients

  • Freedom & flexibility

    There are no restrictions for the agents as to working hours or working with any other companies. With the exception of competitors in the same industry.

Target market

Our target audience are any companies or individuals who have business cards.

Businesses of all sizes are potential customers. A huge endless market packed with potential.

If you have business contacts you have prospects that will want to see what a digital business card can do for them. The more you sell, the more of your customer’s connections will want to see the card for themselves, and referrals will generate even more sales.

Ideal Profile

We are looking for individuals who have a good track record in corporate sales, but that does not rule out someone who is starting as a sales agent and has the passion to be the best that they can.

Commission is paid per unit and the price is based on number of units sold. Average annual commission per unit is £5.40. Remember you will be selling to businesses that will want a unit per employee, so big number sales can be achieved.

Monthly competition bonuses will also be available.

This is a sales opportunity with great earning potential for both telesales agents and field sales agents. The product is something you can present to all your contacts and connections.