TAC Perfumes & Cosmetics UK Ltd

Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Yorkshire

Industry: Beauty & Wellness, Gifts & Crafts, Other, Retail & FMCG

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: 10% to 40%

Deal Size: £100 - £1000 / £1000 - £10000 / £10000 - £100000 / £100000 +

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

International Perfume & Oils Manufacturer Seeks UK Sales Agents

TAC Perfumery are looking for sales agents in the UK to sell their broad and diverse range of perfumes and pure perfume oils. Sales agents wanted in all sales channels, online, face to face, or telesales. Excellent commission scheme offering 10% to 40% of order value. Product ranges that are aimed at customers in markets from high-end to affordable. Constant development of new products to give sales agents new opportunities.


TAC Perfumes Manufacturing LLC is an international manufacturer of perfumes and pure perfumes oils based in the UAE with a factory in Ajman and has successful retail, wholesale shops in Deira Dubai UAE.

The TAC OLFACTORY is the heart of our creative vision within the company, our products are conceptualised by our creative team and rigorously tested in our labs by our technicians. Our goal is to create superior fine fragrances using artisanal craftsmanship and industry leading technological innovation. To achieve this goal we have a highly driven board of directors, with more than 50 years of experience in international industry, to drive our plans forward.

TAC Perfumes Manufacturing LLC manufacture mid to high end European and Arabian Oud oil Perfumes. Our products are designed and marketed by our U.K. based company, TAC Perfumes & Cosmetics UK Ltd. and our specialities are: private label manufacturing, and supplying wholesale and retail markets.

In our current product range we have over 70 different own manufactured perfumes and over 250 pure perfume oils readily available from our factory in the UK for sale agents to sell.

With a constant program of development, we are producing new perfumes every month and aim to increase the range to over 100 perfumes and 300 pure perfume oils by the end of March 2020. This offers a wide and varied range for sales agents in the UK to present to customers. Incepted during 2018, a vision to create superior fine fragrances using artisanal craftsmanship and industry leading technological innovation. Our highly driven board of directors amalgamating more than 50 years of excellence in international industry have envisioned a trailblazing path for TAC.


The target markets are wide ranging and offer sales partners a large potential customer base to approach. With such a wide range of products, the target market ranges from the high-end tier of consumers wanting the best quality products, the mid-range markets, and customers looking for affordable, value for money perfumes and perfume oils.

Ideal Profile

We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic sales partners in all sales channels. Ideal agents will have relevant experience and market knowledge. The product range is suitable for sales agents that use all available online and offline tools and methods to achieve sales.

Talk to us at TAC Perfumery if you are familiar with face to face sales, online sales, blogging, Facebook, Facebook targeted Ads, Facebook Pixel, telesales, or email marketing.

This is a huge opportunity for sales agents as the product range is a perfect fit for all sales models and this allows agents to earn substantial commission ranging from 10% to 40% and rewards are directly related to the effort and results achieved.

To get more information about how we can work together in a successful sales partnership, use the Contact Button below and include your contact details and current sales activity.