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Location: Ireland / London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Manufacturing & Industry

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Recurring commission | Professional training and support | Sales leads provided | Sales and marketing support | Exclusive sales areas

Commission: 8% on sales of Harvest Walls. Potential from £2K - £1M. Commission is uncapped

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

Indoor Growing Made Simple.

Increase Your Harvest Yield with our Scalable and Modular Indoor Growing Solutions. The Harvest Wall growing system makes living food a reality from the arctic to the equator.

Harvest Walls make nutrient-dense food accessible by providing simple growing equipment to urban and rural farmers, commercial growers, and the hospitality & institutional industry.

Our Harvest Grow Walls are constructed of food grade ABS and PVC with up to 20% recycled content. Our stand-alone vertical growing systems, with fully integrated plumbing, features our patented Vertigation™ technology that provides ultimate flexibility to grow plants requiring various needs. The Harvest Today app provides connection to a personal portable device enabling irrigation control creating the ability to mimic the plants’ outdoor environment. Harvest Today’s Click N’ Lock tile system makes assembly quick and easy. Harvest Today’s patented tile and grow ports allow ultimate flexibility when customizing your layout. The intentional design of the Harvest Wall simplifies indoor growing whilst maximizing plant density, organically & healthier.

VERTIGATION™: An integrated irrigation system designed for vertical distribution of water and nutrients to all grow ports evenly within a Harvest Wall.

TILE: Building blocks for the Harvest Wall. Patented design features six grow ports with interlocking Vertigation channels.

CONTROLLER: Allows users to regulate watering cycles. Connects the Harvest Wall to the Harvest Today App unlocking access to scheduling features and more.

GROW PORT: 50mm diameter circular pot/receptacle to house growing plants. (soon to have 85mm diameter also)

EFFICIENT: THE BEST USE OF RESOURCES – Click N’ Lock tiles simplifies set up, Wall size, Harvest yields, previously measured per acre, are now calculated per cubic meter.

ECONOMICAL: GROW GREEN AND SAVE GREEN – Scalable and modular design for growth and flexibility. Compelling ROI when compared to other’ growing systems.

EASY: FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST – Harvest Today App controls irrigation frequency and duration, Integrated Vertigation’ system waters every plant, every time, resulting in reproducible harvest results, leaving you time to do other projects.

OPTIMIZATION: ALL YEAR-ROUND GROWING – With controlled LED lighting you can grow all year-round producing maximum yield. Using Cut and Come Again methodology repeatable produce is grown.

(Not to be confused with a Living Wall)


Our Harvest Wall is a modular growing system sold for both commercial and residential uses. We have single sided single door/double door & double-sided single door/double door, from 12 tiles wide to 5 tiles high per side (each tile has 6 growing pots).  The automatic Vertigation is fully programmed by an App. The Harvest Wall is ideal for small, medium, and large commercial growers looking to optimize yield/space, today’s agricultural targets are to grow vertical and all year-round, our Harvest Wall does exactly that! Using an automated OEM LED light system, we optimize harvest yields.

We have little competition with our product as others’ are either smaller (too small for high yield/ROI) or exceptionally large (expensive with a high-cost entry point). Our market is in-between and thriving.

Accompanying products such as LED’s, water tanks, growing pots, nutrient mixture etc. also sold via Harvest Today will compliment your complete solution sale.


  • Innovative product / service

    Increase Your Harvest Yield with our Scalable Indoor Growing Solution. The Harvest Wall growing system makes living food a reality from the arctic to the equator. Harvest Walls make nutrient-dense food accessible by providing simple growing equipment to urban and rural farmers, commercial growers, and the hospitality & institutional industry. There is no market competition at this moment for this very required and wanted product.

  • Excellent commission terms

    Commission terms are 8% for our Harvest Walls. Most sales are between £2K to £1M. A typical small commercial sale is ~ £50K, thus £4K commission for 1 sale is very good. Repeatable sales also have the same commission rates. We have 2 projects that require 8 to 12 Walls systems per site, there are 106 sites. Each Wall system is ~ £8K, work the maths!

  • Recurring commission

    Yes, repeat business offers the same commission rate as new Sales = 8% on Harvest Walls

  • Professional training and support

    Initial training will be made in Dartmouth, England. Here they will see a Harvest Wall and be given hands-on training. Brochures, .pdf's .ppt's etc. will all be provided. Market segments and opportunities to target will be discussed

  • Sales leads provided

    We will provide some leads which come from our www or knowledge, some targeted opportunities and some targeted market segments

  • Sales and marketing support

    Brochures, .pdf's .ppt's etc. will all be provided. Market segments and opportunities to target will be discussed

  • Exclusive sales areas

    Each Agent will be given 1 County to start with, unless he/she requests for more. The client will need to match the counties post code to qualify. If the Agent were given 2 counties to start, and later we require to separate or expand our Sales force, then all existing customers and leads that were found by the original Sales Agent will be kept by them

Target market

B2B and B2C.

Commercial growers of greens/leaves/herbs looking to convert to vertical grow systems to optimize space/yield, to produce more product per cubic meter at a more economical cost than other’ larger systems. The Commercial market is booming with Grow Tunnels, Indoor Grow Centres, Polytunnels, Distributors, Wholesalers of Fruit & Veg etc. with many converting to higher profits by using vertical grow systems. Not forgetting Care Homes, Schools, Colleges, Prisons, Restaurants, Bars, Kitchens, Hotels, Hospitals etc.

Residential uses for Private Houses, Community Projects…  to name a few, anywhere/anyone that produces or grows product’ is a potential customer.

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Ideal Profile

We are looking for sales partners with experience in B2B or B2C sales ideally with some experience of selling to growers or horticultural/agricultural segments, or food markets, this is ideal but not essential, or a complimentary product. Our target is for long term relationships.

The opportunities for sales to such diverse markets and segments are many and varied, we will collaborate with agents and business partners to create a win-win scenario for all.

Commission will be paid on ALL sales, both new and recurring and is paid monthly.

You will be given the standard tools like business cards, Harvest Today email, brochures, .pdfs/. ppts and a demonstration Harvest Wall, together with full support and training and potential business opportunities/leads. The more you ask the more we learn!

You are welcome to attend our global weekly Sales and Shop Floor meetings that brings together our teams, our market segment ideas, our challenges faced, exchange of information and product updates.

There is also potential for product installation upon delivery.


To understand and learn more about this fantastic opportunity, please use the Apply Button below and include your current sales portfolio or business model.

Please contact Mark @  mark@harvesttoday.us

www.harvest.today  (cover page only, to be fully launched end of February)


Thank you.


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