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Solar Energy Company

Join the Solar Revolution today and Boost your income!

Solar Energy Company

Location: Nationwide

Target Markets: If a building has a roof and uses energy, they are a potential customer

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Our client has developed a service to present to both homeowners and commercial premises that gives them solar energy equipment and installation free of charge.

This offer is unique. We advise interested sales agents to get involved early and gain the benefits of the competitive advantages of offering a way to offer solar energy PV Panels, batteries, and installation, free of charge. All the customer pays is a small survey fee and a very competitive rate for electricity units used. 

Our client is looking to connect with both sales professionals and introducers. There are also opportunities for solar energy installers to work as partners for installation and to introduce new customers looking for funding options.

This opportunity will create a lucrative income stream for sales agents, especially those who are EPC certified. Landlords, letting agents, business owners, and anyone with contacts who own commercial or domestic premises can earn an introduction fee for referrals.

Interested in this unique opportunity?

Use the Apply Button and full details will be disclosed during the application process.

The service you will be offering

Now you can offer solar energy equipment and installation to anyone, free of charge. All the customer pays is a small survey fee and a very competitive rate for electricity units used. .

The revolutionary service solves the major problems of funding and roof direction, making solar energy available to everyone.

Our client is looking for introducers, sales agents, and installers and offering:

Commission for introducers on referrals that are closed for you.

Commission for agents on sales and completed surveys.

This is a comprehensive solar energy solution of solar PV panels and batteries. The latest high quality products and installation with the added benefit of a unique funding option.

The target market

The target market is huge and the funding option means potential domestic and commercial customers will want to know the details.

Potential customers include:

  • Home owners, rented properties, holiday homes.
  • Private landlords, buy to let properties, housing association, landlord association and social housing providers.
  • Manufacturing & industrial premises, offices, shops, garages & service stations.
  • Hospitality buildings, sports and entertainment venues, public buildings.

There is also potential with businesses considering solar farms.

Individuals and businesses that have looked into solar energy, but were put off by cost or funding options, will be attracted to this new option that is revolutionising the market.

If a building has a roof and uses energy, they are a potential customer and a brief survey will establish if they can benefit from the great offer you are presenting.

Agent benefits

  • Innovative Product: A revolutionary way to fund solar energy that will completely disrupt the current options in the market place.
  • Excellent commission: High levels of commission on sales and surveys that will reward both sales agents and introducers.
  • Flexibility: Agents are self managing and free to work the hours the want. Introducers can invest time in generating introductions or pass them over as they come across suitable prospects.

The ideal sales agents and introducers

The ideal sales agents will hold an EPC certificate. Our client can give details of how experienced sales people can get a certificate.

Agents with experience in the renewables or energy sector, home improvements market, or B2B services, can use their knowledge and skills to good effect in this role.

Sales to the domestic housing or commercial leasing sectors are good backgrounds, along with sales of services such as surveys, facilities management, or inspections.

The opportunity offers an income stream for anyone who comes into contact with house owners or commercial premises managers. If you have landlords, housing associations, social housing providers, or commercial premises owners in your contacts list you can earn commission by referring them for a survey where they will discover if solar energy is right for their buildings.

Our client would also like to connect with installers for both installation work and to form introduction partnerships.

This unique funding option is going to transform the renewables market and our client wants to keep the details confidential as long as possible. Full information will be given during the application process and you may be asked to sign an NDA agreement. The first step is to start a conversation with our client by using the Apply Button below and including an overview of current activity and relevant experience.