Usual questions sales agents ask potential principals

Independent sales agents are often the best of the best among sales professionals. It requires a lot of self-confidence, personal qualities and professional skills to start as a sales agent.

Therefore professional sales agents are attractive targets for principals.

Below is a list of questions that professional sales agents are likely to ask potential principals. As a principle you should have answers ready for all of these.

  • Which competitive advantages do your products have compared to competing suppliers?
  • Do you have any kind of exclusivity or patents on your products?
  • Who are your target customers?  Which prospects do you want sales agent to target?
  • Will sales agent has any form of restrictions on who he/she can sell to?
  • Will sales agents get the opportunity to earn exclusivity in their market area?
  • What commission do you offer?
  • When will the commission be paid? When a new order is signed or when you’ve received the payment from the customer?
  • How do you market your products/services? Do you have marketing material that agents can use?
  • Do you have a lead generation system? Will agents receive prospects directly from you?
  • Will it be necessary for the agent to invest in product samples to be used in live demonstrations for potential clients? What costs will this inflict on the agent?
  • Does your company currently use sales agents? Are they successful?
  • If the agent must travel to your location for an interview will you cover the travel costs?