The Sales Agents International Introduction Service offers an introduction service where you only pay for specific candidates whose profiles you accept. We have teamed up with the very best local recruiters of independent sales agents across Europe and work with them to find agents and agencies that meet your requirements. This means we can offer high-quality introductions to top agents in a number of European countries.

How introductions work

  1. Before placing any order we’ll do initial research where we check if the search for agents is likely to be successful and we believe you will get quality candidates to work with. If so, we suggest that you move forward by placing an order.
  2. You’ll then order the number of introductions you require – in the areas/countries you want.
  3. We’ll find agents that work in your target market and meet the criteria you’ve submitted to us.
  4. We’ll present the agent with the available information you’ve sent us and make sure they are interested in discussing a cooperation with you.
  5. We’ll then write up all the relevant information on the agent and send it to you for your evaluation. We’ll leave out the full name and contact details of the agent.
  6. If you would like an introduction to the candidate you’ll pay the remainder of the introduction fee – and we’ll send you full contact details. You’ll then take over the direct dialogue with the agent and work on the agreement between you. We’ll take no commission or fee for the sales the agent(s) do for you.

Benefits of the introduction service

The main benefits of the introduction model are:

  1. There is no risk of paying a fixed fee and getting zero responses. You pay per agent profile we send over.
  2. We do the first screening of the agents – so you don’t have to spend your time on following up all applications.
  3. We can offer this service in most Western European countries – so if you’re looking for foreign sales agents you can order introductions in your target countries here.

As there is no absolute guarantee that you’ll agree with the agent we recommend that you order a minimum of two introductions in each area you’re looking for agents. It’s often also beneficial to compare candidates which you’ll only be able to do if you order two or more introductions.

Disadvantages of the introduction service

As you’re paying per agent we find for you there is a real risk that you’ll be paying more than you would have done if you placed an advert with us. Our advertisement service is the most affordable way of reaching a huge network of professional agents. However – we can only offer the advertisement service in the UK so if you’re looking for agents in other countries the introduction model is not only the best solution, it’s the only solution.

Some companies looking for agents in the UK also prefer the introduction model as they know exactly what they are paying for and it saves them a good amount of time not having to deal with many applications.


The price for one introduction is £600. You’ll pay £300 upfront and the remaining £300 on delivery on an agent profile that you accept.

If we don’t find any introductions for you within a month we’ll refund the £300 upfront fee.

However, if we do find you introductions and you don’t approve their agent profile we won’t refund the upfront fee. We’ll then keep looking for candidates until we have a profile you accept. When you accept an agent profile you’ll need to pay the second part of £300.

Bear in mind that we have direct upfront expenses to local recruiters and headhunters so that’s why we need to get part of the payment upfront.

Get started – Fill out an Agency Brief

Before moving forward we ask you to submit the information below. This will make us able to do some initial research on whether a search for agents is likely to be succesful or not. We don’t want to waste either your or our time. If we don’t think it’s likely that we’ll find you one or more good candidates we will let you know and delete the enquiry. If we do believe that we will likely find qualified candidates for you we’ll make a proposal on how to move forward. Regardless, you are not committed to anything by filling out this form.