Represent German companies in the UK

From which country do the UK import the most? Not surprisingly it’s China. But you may not know that Germany is in a solid second place. Handsomely beating the likes of the US in third place.

Source: Office for National Statistics

Lucrative opportunities for agents and distributors

German products have a track-record of selling well in the UK market and short and well-established trade routes making the logistics easier.

Several German companies see UK as one of their most interesting export markets and need an agent to represent them in the British market.

It will often be highly lucrative opportunities where you potentially can get agency rights for the entire UK – and have an acting role as UK Country Manager. There are also great opportunities to work on a distributor model if your company has the resources necessary to take on such a role.

If you speak German or at least have experience with the German business culture you will have a huge advantage. If so be sure to register below – and we will let you know as soon as a new Germany company are looking for a UK representive.

You can also check out some active opportunities right now:

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German company looking for UK agents or distributors?

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