Explore an Untapped Opportunity in the Mis-sold UK Energy Contracts Market | Sales Agents UK

The Crystal Clear Claims Co. Ltd

Explore an Untapped Opportunity in the Mis-sold UK Energy Contracts Market

The Crystal Clear Claims Co. Ltd

Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Work from the comfort of your home.

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Professional training and support | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: £250 per claim for the first 5 claims in a month then £350 for each additional.

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

The Crystal Clear Claims Co. Ltd was established with a mission to assist UK businesses in identifying instances of mis-sold energy contracts. Our primary aim is to secure compensation for these discrepancies.


Our Unique Offering

We specialise in pinpointing mis-sold energy UK contracts brokered via third parties within the B2B market. Identified cases are then referred to our esteemed law partners for the pursuit of rightful compensation.


  • Unique Market Position

    As pioneers in this emerging market, we pride ourselves on being among the select few offering such a service. Not only do we have a competitive edge with our capped cost of pursuit, but we also boast one of the lowest fee percentages, standing at 30% + VAT. Moreover, our capability to accommodate larger clients/claims sets us apart from competitors.

  • Unparalleled Commission Structure

    Our commission rates substantially outshine our competitors, offering roughly 150% more. Earn £250 per claim for the first five claims in a month, and £350 for each subsequent claim. And remember, the sky's the limit – commissions are uncapped.

  • Comprehensive Training & Support

    Join us for an introductory Zoom meeting, detailing the intricacies of our operation. Benefit from our dedicated sales training sessions and partake in regular catch-ups, designed to share best practices, address challenges, and gather invaluable feedback.

  • Freedom & flexibility

    Work from home or remotely as many hours as desired, no micro management.

Target market

Our invaluable service extends across various industries. Any UK business that has engaged third parties to finalize their energy contracts within the last 15 years stands eligible.

Ideal Profile

We’re on the hunt for dynamic UK based individuals – ambitious, professional, and driven. Prior experience in telesales and navigating B2B markets is crucial. While insights into the energy industry are a bonus, they aren’t mandatory. Dive into a market with minimal competition and make your mark!

If you’re looking for an exciting venture coupled with unmatched commission structures, then The Crystal Clear Claims Co. Ltd awaits your expertise. Get in touch today and embark on a promising journey with us.