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Location: London

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Recurring commission | Professional training and support offered | Sales and marketing support | Exclusive sales areas

Commission: 10% on revenues

Deal Size: £100 - £1000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

CityStack is a £20 stack of coasters that allows to get £100 worth of food & drinks at ten independent pubs.

We launched this project to support independent pubs and answer the issue of budget for going out.

Our goal? To connect people with independent businesses with unique gifts.




CityStack is a £20 stack of coasters that allows you to get £100 worth of food & drinks at ten independent pubs across London.

It allows users to discover and support a selection of great independent pubs whilst saving money. This pack offers ten money-saving coasters, each giving £10 off a £20 spend at one of the ten independent London pubs that are part of the collection: in total, customers get a £100 worth of food & drinks per pack (sold £20 RRP).

Great pubs are willing to offer exclusive discounts with CityStack because it drives people to visit and discover them. Customers save money and the pubs gain new customers, it’s a win-win!

How does it work? When it is time to pay, give the coaster to receive a £10 discount on your bill. This discount is available on any item on the menu (food, drinks…) at any time.

It’s a great gift idea for farewell parties, birthdays, Christmas, stag parties…

We exceeded our target for the crowdfunding campaign we launched in December and started to generate sales both in retail shops and online. We already received brilliant feedback from pubs and users, and have been recommended by TimeOut.

We are now looking for growing our reach and expand sales with more partners!

More information on our website: 


  • Innovative product / service

    There is no other existing gift on the market dedicated to pub lovers. It is a very unique gift for those who want to treat their friends, employees, and partners, whilst supporting independent businesses at the same time. It is not only a guide for some of the best pubs, but it also provides £100 worth of food & drinks (x5 the initial customer investment).

  • Excellent commission terms

    Compensation: excellent uncapped earnings potential

  • Recurring commission

    By reaching out to your gifting/retail network, you will get recurring orders, and so commissions.

  • Professional training and support offered

    To support you in your mission, we provide you with: - 2 hours of speech training (not mandatory, only if you request it) - Sales deck up to date

  • Sales and marketing support

    All the brand credentials we created will allow you to benefit from strong credibility for addressing your clients. You can share: - our website: - LinkedIn: - Instagram: - Facebook:

  • Exclusive sales areas

    We are open to reserve exclusive area, to be discussed.

Target market

We are looking for someone to promote and sell CityStack to these targets:

  • Retail shops across London (souvenir shops, gift stores etc.)
  • Companies interested in offering CityStack as a gift to their employees and / or partners (big groups, agencies, SMBs, employees unions…)
  • Gifting industry partners
  • Any other partner interested in purchasing CityStack!

Ideal Profile

If you love pubs and want to support independent hospitality, this job is made for you! The goal? Help us connect people with independent businesses!

Your skills

  • Autonomy, ability to self motivate, entrepreneur mindset
  • Strong persuasive/sales skills 
  • You love to meet people and attend events
  • You are not afraid of visiting shops door to door to promote your business
  • If you already have a strong network in hospitality and the retail sector (especially in the gifting industry), this is desirable. 

Start date: ASAP

Location: remote, it would be more convenient for you to live in London to visit your partners.