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Licensed SMART Tags for Bags


Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Fashion, apparel, textiles, accessories

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Recurring commission | First sale bonus | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: 30 - 40%

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

retreev creates a permanent link between you and your stuff, simplifying its safe return in case it ever gets lost.

Powered by Travel Sentry ID and integrated into 2800 airports via the airline / airport tracing system World Tracer for easy recovery within the airport environment and outside on the street – in fact anywhere.

Attach your retreev tag to your bag. Tap or scan your QR code with your mobile phone or enter your unique code at your contact details.



Licensed products to large retailers.

We sell Smart Bag Tags to retailers like Luggage Point, Excess Baggage, IT Luggage, Case Luggage. Looking to get into bigger retailers and department stores.

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  • Innovative product / service

    Only brand that offers this type of product. Very unique

  • Excellent commission terms

    Huge earning potential - commission can be 30% - 40% of the deal. Lowest deal is £1000. Large deals are in the pipeline.

  • Recurring commission

    On repeat orders agents can earn over and over.

  • First sale bonus

    First sale bonus will be included for sure.

  • Freedom & flexibility

    Work from wherever. All you need is a laptop and a phone. Unless there is a face-to-face meeting set up in the UK which are few and far between.

Target market

Retailers like:

  • Boots
  • Next
  • John Lewis
  • Tescos
  • Luggage stores
  • Sports stores

Ideal Profile

Distributors or sales agents that have relationships with retailers already. Who can break through to large department stores who sell bags, kids bags, accessories.