If you have legal questions related to the relationship between commercial sales agents and principals you’re on the right page right now.

  • Legal Advice – Introduction
  • Legal Advice for Sales Agents and Principals on Contract Writing
  • Legal Advice for Sales Agents and Principals on disputes
  • Get help from an expert solicitor on commercial sales agent law
  • FAQs from sales agents on legal matters


Legal advice for Sales Agents and Principals is now available via this website to give you help and advice from a top legal team with years of experience in the sales agency field.

Salesagents.uk are teaming up with a firm of professional lawyers to give our website visitors access to legal advice on all matters relating to sales agency relationships, contracts, agreements, and regulations.

The big majority of working relationships between principals and self-employed agents run smoothly.

But if problems do arise you may need professional legal advice to protect your interest and get a fair outcome. If you find yourself in that situation simply complete the form at end of this page, giving us a brief overview of the situation and your contact details, and a member of the legal team will contact you.

Legal Advice for Sales Agents and Principals on Contract Writing

By getting good legal advice at the start of the sales agent and principal relationship you can prevent problems from occurring.

A professionally written contract, by a lawyer experienced in sales agency regulation, gives both the principal and the sales agent a clear understanding of the agreement they are entering into from the start.

A professionally drawn up agreement protects both parties. It can be used to settle disputes quickly and inexpensively compared to situations where no agreement, or a poorly written agreement, exists.

If problems and disagreements arise later, the money spent on having the contract drawn up by a legally trained expert will prove a good investment for a principal.

For a sales agent, having the agreement offered by a principal checked by an experienced lawyer can highlight areas of concern that the agent may not have noticed.

If you’re a sales agent or a principal ready to enter into new agreement and you would like legal advice, complete the form below.

Legal Advice on Disputes between Sales Agents and Principals

Some disputes between agents and principals can be resolved by discussion, but sometimes legal advice is required.

Both sides have rights and obligations. Some of these are covered by EU law, the Commercial Agency (Council Directive) Regulations 1993 (“the agency regulations”). Disputes not dealt with effectively can escalate into expensive and time consuming claims for compensation.

If you have an ongoing dispute and would like legal advice on your rights, obligations, and interpretation of The EU Agency Regulations, complete the form below and a legal representative will contact you.

Get help from an expert solicitor

Salesagents.uk cooporate with Bentley Agency Law Limited which are the leading experts on agency law in the UK.

Bentley Agency Law is a specialist law firm, based in Leeds (England), which practices, exclusively, commercial agency law. It has been in existence for this purpose for approaching 25 years.

If you need professional legal help you can contact their legal team. Initial brief conversation about your case without charge or obligation. To make contact you can use the contact form below or e-mail David Bentley at [email protected] or call him at +44 (0) 113 236 0550.

FAQs from Sales Agents regarding legal matters

Below you’ll find answers to FAQs from sales agents on legal issues. If you have additional questions you can e-mail them to us at [email protected] and we’ll (with help from Bentley Agency Law Limited) add it to the list.