Why You Should Become a Member of the Federation of Small Businesses

Free Services, Business Advice, and Exclusive Discounted Deals

Whether you’re a self-employed individual, or running a small business with employees, you should become a member of the Federation of Small Businesses, here’s why.
As a member of the FSB you will get advice and guidance, support and information, and legal and financial protection for tax and employment problems, plus debt recovery services.

The Federation of Small Businesses offers a range of benefits that will help you to deal with problems, save you time looking for the best deals, and support you as you grow your business.

You can become a member of the biggest business group in the UK for just £142.50 per year and a one-off £30 joining fee and get the support of a large organisation so you never feel on your own in business again.

Below is a sample of the benefits you will receive when you join the FSB. You can become a member, discuss the benefits, and ask questions by clicking the contact button and leaving your details. You will then be contacted by a friendly membership advisor.

The Benefits of Joining the FSB

From day one of your membership you will have automatic access to a wide range of benefits, including:

Employment Protection

When you join the FSB, the employment law advice service offers round-the-clock legal advice on all employment issues, as well as insurance protection in the event you are taken to an employment tribunal.

Health and Safety Service

Talk to industry experts and benefit from the latest online training modules in key areas of health and safety. As a member of the FSB you will have everything you need to make sure your business is compliant with all the relevant health and safety regulations.

Legal and Tax Protection

Your membership includes access to tax and VAT advice, assistance with GDPR compliance, legal costs insurance, a range of support materials and specialist advice helplines. All there whenever you need them to give you peace of mind.

Debt Recovery

Full UK and global collection service, a simple online process and the opportunity to recover 100 per cent of the money you are owed, and in most cases all at no cost. You also have the option to add on interest and late payment charges.

Workplace Pensions

FSB Workplace Pensions will support you every step of the way, from auto enrolling to the ongoing management of your workplace pension. With two service level options to choose from, FSB Workplace Pensions help to remove the burden of auto enrolment.

FSB Connect Networking

Wherever you are located in the UK, network with business owners at 200 regular networking events that will help you build relationships that grow your business. Enjoy a structured format and a supportive environment. FSB Connect Networking is included in your membership and on its own makes your membership fee a worthwhile investment.

Business Banking

An exclusive business banking service for FSB members that’s specially designed to meet your needs.  No charges for everyday banking services, a fee-free overdraft subject to application and status, plus many other benefits.

Get all the above benefits and grow and protect your business!

To get all the above benefits, plus many more, become a member of the Federation of Small Businesses for just £142.50 per year and a one-off £30 joining fee by talking to a Membership Advisor who will answer all your questions. Simply click the Contact Button and leave your contact details.

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More Benefits for Small Businesses

The FSB are the biggest business group in the UK and have used their influence to get some great deals for their members. Get help, advice, information, and big discounts on:

  • Insurance cover.
  • Communications.
  • Vehicle leasing.
  • Business leads.
  • And unsecured business loans.

The discounted offers, advice, and support materials for members are growing all the time. As a small business owner, you will save time, be prepared for unexpected eventualities, and have everything you need to grow your business. Talk to a Membership Advisor and learn more about the benefits of joining the FSB by making contact here.

The FSB is the Voice of Small Businesses

FSB members are small business owners, from self-employed individuals to small businesses with employees. The FSB not only provides fantastic benefits for members but is also the UK’s leading business campaigner.

The FSB lobbying arm includes a team in Westminster, which focuses on UK and English policy issues impacting on small businesses. Expert teams in Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast work with governments, elected members and decision-makers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can get involved through our Big Voice initiative, which gives a big collective voice to small businesses.

Join the Federation of Small Businesses for just £142.50 per year with a one-off £30 joining fee.