Knights Agency are a total solution, Instructor-led staff training provider with a track record of success, and innovation that will lead to tremendous future growth. We are now looking for Sales Agents with relevant experience to join us and make that growth happen.

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    Knights Agency

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    Steve van de Worp

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What this opportunity can offer sales agents

We’ve grown the company to £1.3m revenue this year with just one person running business development part time.

There is huge scope for expansion and growth using our success to date with current clients as leverage, and the experience we have acquired in key compliance topics to our advantage.

As a sales agent working with Knights, you can open new doors with examples of how we train the staff at some of the largest private healthcare organisations across the UK in First Aid. The many benefits we can offer clients will be recognised and acknowledged by key decision makers giving you major sales points for your presentations and proposals.

Absorb – The next stage of the company sales strategy

The next stage of our sales strategy will include the use of cutting edge virtual reality technology, marketed under the name of Absorb. This unique sales offering will provide an immersive learning experience that drives true behavioural change for both clients and their staff worldwide. This is new in the sector and a very hot topic amongst clients and prospects with a great interest shown by learning and development professionals across the UK.

With an existing offering that has proven successful and is producing real growth, and a virtual reality offering that will captivate decision makers, we want sales agents to work with us to take a large share of the £360 million-pound UK training industry market.

The company and the training services

We are a classroom-based staff training provider that makes our client’s lives easier by using effective systems to provide the best trainer for each organisation’s specific requirements. A key strength is our ability to be flexible and customise the training to fit the client’s requirements. We make it exceptionally easy for clients to work with us as we offer a seamless and enjoyable customer experience.

The training services we offer are both cost effective and time effective. All our trainers are highly skilled and experienced and have a real passion to make the training experience enjoyable and memorable.

Learn more about the company, what makes us different, and the services we offer at:

The Sales Agent role

We are looking for sales agents throughout the UK with clients and contacts in learning and development decision making positions. Your experience could be in the health and social care sector, management systems, HR software, or a related field of coaching or training.

Our target market is, learning and development professionals in all industry sectors, heads of L&D/OD, and training managers in large organisations.

This is an opportunity with great potential for lucrative rewards, and a product already proven successful and wanted by potential buyers.