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Unleash Your Sales Potential! Join Us as a Self-Employed Sales Representative for a Wholesale Powerhouse with 7000+ Products!


Location: Nationwide

Target Markets: Discount Retailers, Department Stores, FMCG Sector, Specialty Stores

Benefits: Excellent commission terms | Recurring commission | Sales leads provided | Exclusive sales areas | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: Paying 7.5% for face to face (POS) orders and 5% for orders over the website

Dive into the dynamic world of wholesale trade with MM HOMESTORES Ltd., a prominent distributor boasting an extensive inventory of over 7000 products. At MM HOMESTORES, we’re more than just a wholesaler; we’re innovators in retail solutions, offering a unique logistical model that elevates customer satisfaction. Our diverse range of items caters to various market needs, including home essentials, gardening supplies, electronics, and more, all stocked for immediate dispatch. Our commitment to providing exceptional value is reflected in our competitive pricing and a remarkable offer of free delivery for orders as low as £50.

Embarking on a journey with us means aligning with a company that understands the pulse of wholesale markets. We pride ourselves on our adaptability, constantly updating our product range to meet evolving consumer demands. Our vast selection, paired with our streamlined delivery service, positions us as a go-to source for retailers and resellers looking for quality, variety, and convenience.



At MM HOMESTORES Ltd., our expansive product range is our pride, covering an array of categories to meet every retailer’s needs.

  • Homeware: Discover a vast selection of items that turn a house into a home. From decorative accessories to practical essentials, our homeware collection caters to a myriad of tastes and requirements.
  • Kitchenware: Explore our kitchenware range, where functionality meets style. Our collection includes everything from cooking utensils to elegant dinnerware, perfect for the modern kitchen.
  • DIY and Tools: For the DIY enthusiast and professional alike, our array of tools and DIY supplies is second to none, ensuring every project is well-equipped.
  • Toys and Stationery: Dive into the world of creativity and fun with our toys and stationery line, offering a variety of choices for kids and adults, whether it’s for learning or leisure.
  • Baby Products: We understand the importance of quality and safety for the little ones. Our baby products range offers everything from feeding accessories to baby care essentials.
  • Garden Supplies: Catering to both the green thumb and outdoor lover, our garden supplies include tools, decor, and accessories to make any garden space inviting and productive.
  • Dining Essentials: Elevate dining experiences with our selection of dining essentials, featuring everything from cutlery sets to beautifully crafted serving dishes.

Each category in our portfolio is carefully curated to ensure we offer not just variety, but also quality and value.

Target Market: A Diverse Retail Landscape

At MM HOMESTORES Ltd., our vast product range aligns perfectly with a broad spectrum of retail markets. Our target market includes:

  • Discount Retailers: Ideal for stores that thrive on offering quality products at competitive prices. Our diverse range of homeware, toys, and more fits perfectly into the ethos of value-driven shopping.
  • Department Stores: With our extensive product categories, department stores can find a treasure trove of items to fill their shelves, from kitchenware to garden supplies, catering to a wide customer base.
  • FMCG Sector: Fast-moving consumer goods retailers will find our products align well with the demand for high turnover items. From essential baby products to DIY tools, our stock caters to the everyday needs of consumers.
  • Specialty Stores: Whether it’s a store specializing in home decor, kitchen supplies, or children’s toys, our product range can complement and enhance the specialized offerings of these retailers.

Ideal Profile

At MM HOMESTORES Ltd., we’re searching for candidates who bring experience from similar roles or have an existing customer base ready for a new and exciting wholesale opportunity. Your experience in the field and ability to adapt to our diverse product range are key assets we value.

If you’re skilled in navigating wholesale landscapes, familiar with homeware products, or have a knack for identifying customer needs and matching them with the right products, you’re the candidate we’re looking for. Your proficiency in transitioning existing relationships to our broad range of products will be instrumental in driving sales and expanding our reach.

Join our team and embrace the challenge of growing with a dynamic brand. We offer a unique opportunity to work with an expansive product line, tapping into a vast market and maximizing your sales potential.