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TXS Digital

Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Other

Benefits: Excellent commission terms | Recurring commission | Professional training and support | Sales leads provided | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: Customised commission plan, let's chat first.

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Welcome to TXS Digital, where innovation meets construction in the digital sphere. With over 5 years of dedicated experience within the UK construction domain, we’ve honed our craft in delivering unparalleled digital solutions. Our mission? To revolutionise how construction businesses engage and thrive in the digital landscape.

At TXS Digital, we’re more than a design and web agency; we’re architects of brand identity and digital experiences. We craft bespoke branding strategies, dynamic web designs, and implement SEO tactics that resonate and elevate brands within this competitive space.

Our approach isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about solving problems. We’re passionate about alleviating the digital headaches for construction professionals, allowing them to focus on what they do best while we handle the intricacies of their digital presence. Whether it’s refining brand identities or architecting responsive websites, we’re driven by the desire to propel businesses towards digital prominence.

What sets us apart is our commitment to understanding your unique needs. We listen, we strategise, and we execute with precision. Our team is dedicated to crafting tailored solutions that reflect the essence of your construction endeavours.


  1. Branding Strategies: Tailored brand identity solutions designed to reflect the unique ethos of construction businesses. We craft cohesive branding strategies that communicate values and resonate with target audiences.
  2. Web Designs: Engaging and responsive website designs that captivate visitors. Our focus is on creating user-friendly experiences while ensuring the website aligns seamlessly with the client’s brand and goals.
  3. SEO: Specialised search engine optimisation strategies customised for the construction industry. We optimise websites to enhance visibility in relevant searches, driving organic traffic and leads.
  4. Social Media Content Management: Compelling social media content strategies aimed at boosting engagement and fostering brand growth. We curate and manage content across platforms, enhancing brand presence and audience interaction.

Each service is crafted to address specific needs within the construction industry’s digital landscape, aiming to amplify brand presence and foster growth in a competitive market.


  • Excellent commission terms

    Our commission terms are exceptional because we believe in recognising and rewarding your efforts. At TXS Digital, we offer generous commission structures that reflect the value you bring to the table. As you connect construction businesses with our transformative digital solutions, you'll directly benefit from the success you help create. We understand the importance of acknowledging hard work, so our commission terms are designed to be competitive and rewarding, offering you the opportunity to earn significant returns for your dedication and sales acumen. We prioritise your success because when you win, we win, and together, we propel both your career and our company's growth forward.

  • Recurring commission

    Signing a client for monthly SEO services is a gateway to building a consistent, reliable income stream. Here's how you can maximise your earnings: Each month a client continues with our SEO services, you earn a recurring commission. As you add more clients interested in monthly SEO to your portfolio, your income steadily grows. The cumulative effect is key here—imagine signing multiple clients for ongoing SEO. As each client's SEO service continues month after month, your commission earnings compound.

  • Professional training and support offered

    At TXS Digital, we prioritise your success. We offer comprehensive training on our services and provide scripts and real call examples as a guide. While we'll give you a solid foundation, we encourage your personal touch for authenticity. You'll have the freedom to adapt and showcase your unique style while benefiting from our support and resources.

  • Sales leads provided

    We're committed to setting you up for success by providing sales leads equipped with essential information. You'll receive contact details, company names, and website information. This is where your expertise comes in – understanding websites allows you to identify opportunities where companies might benefit from a redesign. Your insight into website nuances will help recognise areas for improvement and pitch our services effectively. We empower you with the necessary information to initiate conversations confidently and highlight how our solutions can elevate their online presence.

  • Freedom & flexibility

    As a sales rep, you've got the freedom to set your own schedule. Want to book meetings in the morning? Afternoon? It's all up to you! The more calls and meetings you set up, the better it gets for everyone. We trust you to do your thing, rock those calls, and schedule meetings when it suits you best.

Target market

TXS Digital targets businesses within the construction industry that either lack an online presence or seek to revamp and enhance their existing digital footprint. Our ideal clients are construction companies eager to establish a professional online identity through a website or those looking to modernise their current online platform. We cater to entities recognising the importance of a strong digital presence in today’s market and are committed to partnering with them to create or revitalise websites that reflect their brand, engage their audience, and drive business growth. Whether it’s a startup in need of an inaugural online platform or an established firm aiming for a contemporary website overhaul, we’re here to craft tailored solutions that align with their goals and aspirations.

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Ideal Profile

We are seeking candidates with a flair for sales, a knack for digital marketing, and a solid understanding of websites. Familiarity with the construction industry is a plus but not mandatory. We want go-getters who thrive on challenges, are quick on their feet, and hungry for success. Our sales opportunity promises an exciting journey for individuals passionate about digital solutions. You’ll be selling services that empower construction businesses to establish or revamp their online presence, making a tangible impact on their success. This role offers the autonomy to excel, with uncapped earning potential tied directly to your efforts. Join us if you’re ready to make a difference, leverage your sales skills, and dive into the world of digital transformation within the construction niche!

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