The Depot Box Limited

Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Building & materials, Fashion, apparel, textiles, accessories, Home supplies / Interior, Retail & FMCG

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: 40% of difference between Cost price and Sales price

Deal Size: £10000 - £100000 / Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

Sales Agent Opportunities – House Builders – Builders Merchants – Online Retailers

Sales agent opportunities UK wide selling Depot Box home delivery boxes to house builders, building trade sales outlets, and online retailers.

Depot Box home delivery boxes enable the secure delivery of multiple parcels when customers are not at home.

A way for house builders, property developers, and architects to make their properties stand out with this additional feature of a high quality secure delivery box.

Sales agents already selling to builders’ merchants and trade outlets, add the secure parcel box to your product range and build another lucrative income stream.

A product Internet retailers can sell to customers and the perfect solution to prevent disputes over non-received items.

As shopping online and home deliveries increase, this product will be in real demand by house builders, building trade suppliers, and online retailers.

In the future all houses will have a parcel box.

The product

A secure outside parcel box for home deliveries that means homeowners can now leave the house without worrying that they will miss a delivery.

The home parcel box is made of high stress and wear resistant HPDE, the same material riot shields are made from. Other parcel boxes use sheet metal which is not antirust like HPDE. Fully secure with no plastic parts.

Opened with a PIN that the customer adds to their delivery information and with a bar code that can be scanned by couriers to prove delivery. The secure parcel box prevents disputes and trips to the local sorting office or collection point.

We are looking to partner with sales agents that can present the secure parcel box to the building sector and home delivery market place and offer 500 boxes delivered in a 40 ft container at circa £70 – £80, with the price falling further for larger quantities. A similar size box retails at £195 and above.

Target markets

The target markets are:

  • Housebuilders, architects, and property developers.
  • Builders merchants and building trade suppliers.
  • Internet retailers with a real interest in their customers receiving deliveries and a ready made market for sales.

Sales agents active in the building sector will be aware of the potential for this top quality product that outshines its competitors and gives suppliers something unique to offer customers. Housebuilders, developers, architects, and specifiers will all want to see a presentation of the parcel box.

Online retailers can save £Millions in refunds, replacements, and disputes over goods not received. Pus they will have a product they know their customers will use and want to buy.

Depot Box are now looking for agents to sell to these target markets across the UK and Ireland.

Ideal Sales Agent Profile

The ideal sales agents will already be selling to the target markets and will have a network of customers and contacts in decision making positions.

A professional appearance and the ability to contact, meet, and negotiate with buyers at all levels is essential. Good communication skills, written and verbal, are required. The agents can be based in any location in the UK mainland, Northern Ireland, and Eire.

Example of orders and commission

As our landed price and your selling price will vary on quantity, we are offering 40% of the difference between our landed price (which will fall depending on numbers ordered) and your agreed selling price. This gives an excellent commission with the opportunity to earn a lucrative income from both new and repeat sales. Payment on receipt of a paid order.


Minimum Order 500 units SP £80 our CP £70 = £4 x 500 = £2,000.

Large Order of 10,000 units SP £60 our CP £50 = £4 x 10,000 = £40,000

Note: Our manufacturer, who holds our mould for this box will reduce the price depending on quantity which can be sent to various locations by whole container loads of 500 boxes. Previously we have had a price of £50 a box for a single container falling to £35 a box for 20 containers spread over the next few months.

Lead time is approximately 2 months. Currently payment is due on order, but they may be willing to modify this depending on the order and the status of the buyer.

Sample boxes in our standard livery are available. We help your customer preparing their own literature using photographs we will provide. If you have the required experience and are looking for a unique opportunity, please contact us and include details of your current sales activity.