Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Industry: Building & materials

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: 40% of margin.

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)


We make a unique product – a very useful and cost-effective feature for your home buyers. In view of the small cost to your client, the housebuilder, but of considerable value to the house purchaser, it can be the perfect inducement, for the home buyers to sign now. 

To the uninitiated a 2-bed terraced, starter homes will be very similar – so what can your client (the housebuilder) do, at a minimum expense, to make their house stand out from the crowd.

First consider the home buyers who probably need both incomes to pay the mortgage and therefore will probably be out during the day when their home deliveries normally arrive. Due to work commitments, the easiest way for both homeowners to see and agree potential furnishings along with ongoing future purchases etc. will be on-line.

We produce a parcel & mail box that enables the homeowners to get their mail and parcels when they are out. A unique feature of our product is that, in the case of a new build, it is designed to go within the face bricks of a house and is VAT free. A group of boxes bolted together can be provided for blocks of flats.

Also a good product to sell into DIY stores too.

We have excellent feedback from people who have bought our boxes over the last few years.

A Unique parcel & mailbox for house builders & DIY stores

We need sales agents who have good contacts with local & national house builders to offer our boxes to them. 500 boxes delivered to their premises in a 40 ft container would be about £90 (price varies with exchange rates & will fall on quantity) whereas the retail price of a courier box with similar capacity is as high as £395 with, probably, a fitting cost in addition.

As detailed above, housebuilders could provide this unique benefit free to a buyer who will sign now or sell as an add-on with a good margin at their cost price.

For details of our standard product see . It is even better when included in the face bricks when the house is being built. When part of the construction, it is not subject to VAT.


The target market are local & national house builders. We want to talk to sales agents active in these markets that meet the agent’s profile below.

Self employed sales agents in the Construction / DIY retail sector

The ideal sales agent(s) will already be selling complimentary building products and have a network of customers and contacts in decision making positions within the above target markets.

A professional appearance and the ability to contact, meet, and negotiate with buyers at all levels is essential. Good communication skills, written and verbal, are required.

The agent(s) can be based in any location in the UK mainland, Northern Ireland, and Eire.

As the sales price will vary on quantity, we are offering 40% of the difference between our landed price which will fall depending on numbers ordered giving you an excellent commission with the opportunity to earn a lucrative income from both new and repeat sales. Payment on receipt of a paid order.

E.g. Minimum commercial Order 100 units Sale Price £90 our Cost Price £70 = £20 x 100 = £2,000.

Large Order 1,000 units Sale Price £70 Cost Price £55 = £15 x 1,000 = £15,000

Note: Our manufacturer, who holds our mould for this box will reduce the price depending on quantity which can be sent to various locations by whole container loads. Previously we have had a price of £70 a box for a single container falling to £55 a box for 20 containers spread over the next few months. Lead time is approximately 2 months. Currently payment is due on order, but they may be willing to modify this depending on the order and the status of the buyer.

Sample boxes in our standard livery are available and we see the builder preparing their own literature using a box in an actual build. We have possible draft ads for their use.

If you have the required experience and are looking for a unique opportunity, please contact us and include details of your current sales activity.