Location: UK - Nationwide

Industry: Business services

Commission: 10% of first year fees

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: B2B sales

Unique Business Service for B2B Sales Agents Selling to SMEs

John Harrison are a Chartered Accountant with a passion for helping owner managed businesses to achieve their optimum profit level. Sales agents will be introducing a proven financial system that is accurate, easy to use, cost-effective, and guarantees a strategic and focused plan for SME owners to achieve personal and business goals.

We are looking for sales agents to present our services to owner managed businesses with up to £1 million in sales per annum who are keen to achieve exponential increases in business growth and profits.

We offer an excellent commission scheme that rewards agents for acquiring new B2B clients that will benefit from our unique and proven services.

Opportunity overview

John Harrison are Chartered Accountants with 30 years of experience. Using our skill with numbers and knowledge of cloud accounting systems, we have created a unique, award winning ,Financial Management System that helps businesses grow and accelerate profits.

Using ideas from some of the world’s leading business thinkers and achievers, we’ve developed and proven a series of processes, systems, and tools to help businesses quickly become much, much more successful.

Our unique approach is a complete shift from the usual outdated, traditional accountant’s viewpoint on increasing profits.

Sales agents will be introducing a cost-effective service that uses resources and tools to create a pathway of actions and solutions to address such issues as improving cash flow and profits and gaining clarity and visibility within the business.

You will be presenting a process for business owners to combine their accountancy requirements with a customised action plan to achieve their business and personal goals using a service that has already proven successful for many other clients.

The John Harrison process that helps business owners achieve their goals:

  • A Financial Management System provides up to a five year graphical analysis of results.
  • Financial benchmarking against similar companies to see what is working well and where actions are required.
  • A detailed financial plan for the forthcoming year complete with timescales and actions.
  • An award winning automated accounting system to maintain accounting records at less than in house salary costs.
  • Accurate measurement of performance against the plan and monthly updated forecast on profit.

The John Harrison success process allows us and the client to quickly recognise where performance is not achieving targets and implement remedial action to ensure success. See more information on John Harrison Chartered Accountants at:

Target clients and regions

The target market for sales agents to approach is owner managed businesses which are either new start up companies or existing companies with up to around £1 million in sales per annum. Ideal B2B prospects will be business owners who are keen to grow their profits and the size of their businesses.
Potential clients can be in any industry sector, which gives sales agents a huge target market and the opportunity to generate substantial commission rewards from their prospect network.

Ideal profile

The ideal sales agents will have a good knowledge of how owner managed businesses operate and be able to converse with business owners by telephone, face to face and e-mail. Good communication skills are essential to present the benefits of the service being offered.

Experienced agents with a network of business contacts and customers in any industry sector will have an attractive proposition to present.
You will receive support and prompt responses to assist you in the acquisition of new clients and a commission of 10% of all first year fees for new clients.

If you meet the above criteria and want a lucrative additional sales offer to present to businesses in the target market, talk to us at John Harrison Chartered Accountant by using the Contact Button below.