The Network Builder

Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Building & materials, Business Services, Electronics, Fashion, apparel, textiles, accessories, Finance & Insurance, Food & Drink, Garden, DIY, Gifts & Crafts, Home supplies / Interior, HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Manufacturing & Industry, Medical / Pharmaceutical, Other, Retail & FMCG, Software & Applications, Sport / Outdoor

Business Model: Commission-based / Recurring commission / Sales leads provided

Commission: 40 % on first month - 10 % recurring

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

The Network Builder For Businesses – Helping Businesses Increase Sales

The Network Builder is looking for sales agents to earn commission while helping individuals and companies harness the lead generation power of LinkedIn.

The Network Builder combines real human interaction with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to maximise sales by increasing connections, generating leads, and growing contact networks on LinkedIn. This leads to real conversations and more sales and business opportunities for individuals, SMEs and large organisations.

LinkedIn has over 700M current users and the numbers are growing, which is why it continues to be the number one global platform for business.

We are looking for sales agents to introduce and present our subscription service: The Network Builder. We pay a New Business Commission, a Recurring Business Commission, and a Volume Bonus.

As a sales agent The Network Builder platform will be generating some sales leads for you. You will also have your own version of our website to support your marketing and sales activities. We also have a comprehensive back office system to deal with order processing, invoicing, payments and commissions.

The Network Builder

The Network Builder follows a proven, successful process to generate all types of leads for individuals and businesses.

  • We help subscribers to define a target list of decision makers using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Our Campaign Managers will work with clients to set-up their first few campaigns.
  • Connection requests, sequence messages, and Inmails are automatically sent to your target audience.
  • Multiple campaigns can be monitored via our cloud based platform and responses sent to leads.
  • Our subscribers Increase their connections and can connect with up to 5000 decision makers every month.
  • They Build their own personal Brand and increase their Social Selling Index.

The Network Builder process generates large numbers of sales leads that subscribers then follow up from our platform or through their own CRM. The perfect combination of automation and human interaction.

The Network Builder platform has the ability to send out 100 invites, 150 InMail’s, 250 Sequenced messages every single day! That’s over 7500 targeted messages every month, no other platform can do this.

We offer each subscriber a full on-boarding session and a dedicated Campaign Manager to work with them to help create campaigns and get full value from the platform. Our support team are also available using a dedicated Whatsapp Group for each subscriber.


The Network Builder will generate leads for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. The defining factor for the target market is not what sector they are in or what their products or services are, it’s the simple question: Do they want more qualified sales leads.


This gives sales agents an endless supply of potential subscribers to approach to present the Network Builder service, and the Network Builder platform itself will help you to generate some of the leads you require.

The Ideal Sales Agents

Anyone with business or sales experience will understand the benefits of The Network Builder and be able to enthusiastically present them to potential subscribers.

Commission payments

The sales agent New Business Commission is significant and is paid on the first months Subscription at 40%. This means each new sale earns the agent £199.60.

Recurring Commission is paid on all subsequent subscription renewals. The base line commission is 10%. This means each subscription that renews pay you £49.90 per month.

Volume Bonus encourages continued acquisition of new subscribers. In any given month, the Recurring commission for that months renewed subscriptions is increased by 1% for each new subscriber signed in that month. So, as an example if you sign 5 new subscribers, your recurring commission rate will increase by 5%

Build a team

You will also have the opportunity to build your own team. As soon as you have recruited two people, you will be eligible to receive commission on your team’s business. This is not pyramid marketing, the focus is on sales of subscriptions, not recruitment of a team. We do not pay commission to recruit team members, we only pay commission on actual sales of our products and services.

Full support 

Both you and the subscribers you sign up will receive full support from us.

Your marketing and sales processing will be supported by your own version of our website. Any business that comes through this website will automatically be attributed to you.

The Network Builder will help you generate connections and provide you with qualified leads for you to convert to subscribers, giving you more time to focus on selling and earning commission.


All you need to get started as a sales agent with The Network Builder is sales or business experience, the ability to communicate both written and verbally, and motivation and enthusiasm to succeed. You will also need a Linkedin Premium Account to link to our platform and use as your lead generator.


Find out more about working as an agent with The Network Builder by using the Apply Button below and tell us about your experience and current sales activity.