Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Business Services, Retail & FMCG, Software & Applications

Business Model: Commission-based / Exclusive region

Commission: 35 %

Deal Size: £10000 – £100000 / £100000 +

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

BeMobile require sales agents for SnapShop, the ideal solution for businesses that rely on product displays or point-of-sale presentation.

SnapShop is a software that gives retail chains, multi-site outlets, product suppliers, and brand owners up to the minute insights and information on product displays so effective actions can be taken to maximise sales.

With a large target market and a rewarding commission scheme, SnapShop is the perfect sales opportunity for agents with contacts in the retail, supply, and brand owner markets.

You will be selling a solution to the many problems that slow down or stop sales of displayed products: Insufficient or delayed information and reports, poor placement, incomplete campaigns, improper use of POS materials.

Read on and see the benefits of SnapShop and arrange a demonstration to see it in action.

The Product – SnapShop

SnapShop is a solution to common problems experienced by retail chains, multi-site outlets, product suppliers, and brand owners. Any business that relies on point-of-sale presentation, visual campaigns, and effective displays will benefit from SnapShop.

SnapShop gives businesses a complete overview of status store by store and ensures that the administration is constantly updated on promotions, products, displays and exhibitions. The reports and submissions allow salespeople and field workers to get notifications, documents, and reports through the app on their phone or tablet. Managers can view status updates, follow projects in real time and take immediate actions to gain the best outcomes.

The key benefits of SnapShop:

  • Easy to send and receive documentation with its own design and layout from the app.
  • Automatic categorisation of campaigns and products using artificial intelligence.
  • The administration can immediately see campaign and project status and act.
  • Direct communication with key staff, salespeople, and store employees.
  • Customised reports displaying the information of most importance.
  • Share reports with stakeholders, partners, and brand owners.

We highly recommend that sales agents contact BeMobile using the contact button and arrange a demonstration of SnapShop so you can see the many benefits for customers.

The SnapShop business model

SnapShop is sold as a SaaS (Software as a Service). We charge clients a setup fee for the import of customer specification data and customised design. There is also a fixed monthly fee per user.
The monthly fees are: £18 per user/month (minimum 10 users).
Custom design for the web app, iOS and Android, is £ 1,000.
Import of shops and users: £1,000.

The Target Market

The target market that sales agents will be approaching are: Retail chains, suppliers and brand owners, multi-site outlet premises, and companies that rely on displayed or promoted goods.

Typical clients of SnapShop are within FMCG, hardware, consumables, and other high volume sales sectors. Examples of some international SnapShop users are: Nestlé, Mondelez, Estrella, Mars, Findus, Bosch, Essity.

As you can see from the types of clients and the examples of current users, there is a large target market for sales to businesses of all sizes.

The Sales Agent Role

We are currently searching for agents that have a network of customers and contacts in the above target markets. These should include decision makers in key positions within target sector businesses.

You will be given full product training and supported with all necessary sales materials including a prefilled demo account to demonstrate SnapShop to potential customers.

After the customer signs the contract, BeMobile will handle all customer interactions from that point: The setup, customisation, and training will be BeMobiles responsibility

Commission payments

BeMobile will pay a commission of 35% of the new customer net income for a period of 12 months from the contract date. Commission will be paid out in two halves. 50% at signed contract and 50% after 12 months.

Commission example:

  • Contract with 200 users gives £15,820 in commission at contract signed
  • Contract with 50 users gives £4,480 in commission at contract signed.

If this sales opportunity is of interest to you, use the contact button below to arrange a demonstration of the SnapShop solution through our web meeting room.