Company name: LOYAL BONDS LTD

Location: Ireland / UK – Nationwide

Industry: Beauty & Wellness, Food & Drink, Garden, DIY, Gifts & Crafts, HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe

Commission: 30% for every new annual subscription sale – 10% for every annual subscription renewal

Deal Size: £1000 – £10000 / Flexible

Sales Type: B2B sales / Face 2 Face / Online Sales / Telesales

Earn ongoing commission selling a Digital Loyalty system to independent customer facing businesses. The benefits to retailers, local businesses, and all clientele focused enterprises include:

  • A way to compete with their big chain rivals marketing and loyalty campaigns.
  • Deliver Loyalty Points by SMS/text or email – no app download required.
  • Deal with slow periods and keep customer coming back.
  • Get customers excited about new products and offers.
  • Full onboarding and ongoing support.

Easy to implement and run from a laptop, tablet, phone, or point of sale with no technical knowledge required.

Agents will earn 30% for every new annual subscription sale – 10% for every annual subscription renewal. Whatever you’re currently selling to independent retailers, hotels and hospitality, salons and wellness, and other related businesses, your customers will want to see the benefits of the Loyalzoo Digital Loyalty System.

Loyalzoo and Loyal Bonds

Loyalzoo Limited was founded in London, UK as a private limited company in 2014 with a focus to create a loyalty based, marketing and promotions platform for small independent retailers to set up their own bespoke loyalty program using minimal time, resource and expense.

Loyal Bonds are Loyalzoo’s exclusive direct sales partner having an experienced team of sales and marketing specialists to market an unrivalled annual subscription package to independent businesses. We are now offering independent sales agents, with experience selling to our target customers, the opportunity to partner with us and build a substantial ongoing commission income.

Loyalzoo currently has approx. 2500 live merchants, 75% US – 15% UK – 10% worldwide, and onboard around 150-200 new merchants per month across their 3 products. This gives you an idea of the size of the business and the potential for sales agents to earn commission. We do not offer any free versions of our software, so every merchant is a paying customer.


The package you will be selling is a combination of Loyalzoo’s 3 products, wrapped together to give independent retailers a special exclusive introductory and totally unlimited annual subscription package.

The 3 Loyalzoo subscription-based software products:

1. Digital Loyalty – the original and flagship product. Allows merchants to run their own bespoke loyalty, rewards, promotions and marketing program. Can be points or stamps based, with up to 10 rewards and 4 marketing promotions per month with merchants communicating with their customers via SMS, email or push notification.

2. Memberships & Recurring Payments – a Prime style loyalty program where merchants charge their customers to be members of their loyalty program receiving benefits in return.

3. Lucky Loyalty – a surprise and delight system that gives discounts and free gifts and products to customers. Designed specifically for very fast pace businesses that don’t want to deal with a user interface to run a loyalty program.

You will be giving businesses a Digital Loyalty System that:

  • Excites and engages with customers.
  • Increases customer return and spend .
  • Measure the return on investment.

Easy to present – Real benefits for businesses – Huge target market – Great earning potential


The target markets for sales agents are independent bricks and mortar shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, hotels, guest houses, hair and beauty salons, wellness and healthcare operators, golf clubs, local supermarkets. Basically, any local business with face serving clientele.

You will be giving SMEs and independent businesses the benefits of running their own Loyalty Program  to compete and beat those offered by the large chains.


The ideal sales agents will have relevant sales experience selling to SMEs and independent businesses in the target markets above. You will have the ability to close sales in an honest and ethical manner that reflects the ethos of both Loyalzoo and Loyal Bonds.

It is expected that agents will be organised, self-motivated and keep up to date records and administration. You will be contacting potential clients via email and telephone, so good written and verbal communication is essential and basic computer skills are required.

In return for sales, we offer an excellent commission scheme along with the opportunity of repeat business, which can build into a substantial income stream. Earn 30% for every new annual subscription sale – 10% for every annual subscription renewal.

Sales agents can be located anywhere in the UK and must have a good internet connection. We are also interested in talking to Sales Agents with the relevant experience in other countries. 

Full training is given, and you will have the ongoing support of the Loyalzoo team and online resources.

To learn more about this opportunity use the button below and include information on your current sales activity and relevant experience.