Location: Ireland / London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Other

Business Model: Commission-based / UK exclusivity

Commission: >£10 K p/m = 25% <£10K = 35%

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Supporting the Preservation of British Historical Vehicles with the use of Additive Manufacturing

We  are  a  small  business  based  in Southampton, Hampshire  with  one  goal  in mind  and that  is  to  close  the  spares  gap  market. As  we  know  that  often time  when  owning  and  running  a Vehicle  that is  20  +  years  old  getting hold  of  spare  parts  is  not  always  that  straight forward .

We  provide  a  Bespoke  3D  Modelling Service  to  reverse  engineer parts  that  do  not  have  drawing packs  any more  and then to  reproduce  these  in a variety  of materials  according to the  need  and  application .

We  offer  a  full  CAD  service  to  redraft  parts  that  no  longer  have  drawing packages

What  materials  can we  reproduce  parts  in?  This  Material  list  is  not  exhaustive :

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • Carbon Fibre
  • HIPS
  • Silicone
  • TPU
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Inconel
  • Titanium
  • Glass bend

The  Core  of  what  we  do is  providing  a bespoke 3D Printing  Service. Why 3D Print?

  • Speed  to Market,
  • Cost Saving,
  • reduced Waste,
  • Recycled  Plastic ..  so  Kinder  to  the  environment..

Please  Call  us  on 023 8124 4996

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    Mitchell and Son Additive Manufacturing

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  • CAD  Drafting  Service  to  Reverse  Engineer  Parts
  • 3D Modeling : –   Creating  3D  Models  to  Spec using 3D  Scanning  and  Fusion 360  Software
  • 3D  Printing  of  Bespoke  items, as  individual  items and  small  volume


There  are  4 Different  types  of  people  that  we  aim at  when it  comes  to  Classic  Car  Restoration and  those  who   may  require  our  services .

Those  who  want  to  get  the  Vehicle into a DRIVING CONDITION:

This is for vehicles which are fully operational but may require replacement parts and some minor cosmetic adjustments.

Those  who  are  wanting to  get  the car to STREET SHOW CONDITION:

In order to get a classic to a street show level, it is best that they start with a parts catalogue relevant to the model. This will allow them to get the most accurate parts and accessories

Those  who  want  a SHOW CAR:  They  will  normally  go  through  a professional  company

Those  who  want  to  get  them to CONCOURS CONDITION:  These  would  be  collectors

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Ideal Profile

  • Have  an understanding  of  the  Automotive  Industry
  • Be  highly  motivated  and  able  to  source  their  own leads  without  having to  be  spoon fed
  • Have  a passion for  new  Technology  and  a Change  agent