Company name: PICK HEATERS INC.

Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West

Industry: Manufacturing & Industry

Commission: TBA

Deal Size: N/A

Sales Type: Face 2 Face

Sales Agents Wanted for Steam Injection Water Heaters

Pick Heaters are specialist manufacturers of steam injection heaters used in the process industries. We are looking for sales partners already working in the target market industries and based in London, Midlands, North East, and North West.

Our target markets are the process industries with primary focus on: food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, and pulp and paper mills.

If you have customers and contacts in the target industries and already represent other manufacturers in this sector, contact us to discuss the benefits of becoming a sales partner with Pick Steam Injection Heaters.


Pick Heaters are a U.S. based company that specialise in the design and manufacture of steam injection heaters used in industrial settings. We have developed a range of injection heating equipment that instantly heats water and water miscible fluids by blending the liquid with steam.

Pick steam injection water heaters are used in industrial settings and not for commercial or domestic buildings.

We offer ten different models with steam capacity ranging from 320 - 22,700 kg/h. PED classification ranges from SEP to Category II, depending on size and pressure rating. Heaters have cast housing and are available with ANSI or DIN flange ports. We also offer a sanitary version for direct contact heating of food products.

Our range of steam injection heaters offer many technical advantages to the end user that will give sales partners numerous benefits to present to meet potential customer’s specific industry requirements:
• Simple design with minimal moving parts.
• Exceptional temperature control.
• Low liquid pressure drop.
• Energy efficiency
• Compact design.
The above features are just some of the reasons why Pick Direct Steam Injection (DSI) Systems regularly outperform heat exchangers and high velocity steam eductors.


Our target markets are the process industries with primary focus on food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, and pulp and paper mills. We offer these industries a comprehensive range of equipment that meets their needs and offers solutions for all situations.

Pick heaters are not intended for heating domestic water or HVAC service. Our market focus is strictly on the industrial sector and we do not pursue applications in commercial or public buildings.

Ideal Profile

We are seeking independent agents in London, the Midlands, North East, and the North West to actively promote the sale of our products to the target industry market.

The preferred partnership will be with sales agents and compensation being by way of commission payment based on sales. For the right partner, with experience and a contact network, we are willing to consider a buy/resell arrangement if it improves our competitive advantage in the market place.

Candidates must already be selling engineered equipment directly to our customer base, not through third parties.
Sales people are expected to be technically competent, familiar with heat transfer, and capable of identifying new opportunities for our product range.
Potential partners should be representing other manufacturers of process equipment and have contacts with plant engineers and project engineers in our target markets.

We offer a competitive commission schedule and will support agent's efforts from our office. This includes product training at agent's office, joint sales calls on customers, technical support, website based lead generation, product brochures, and participation in trade shows.

If you meet the above requirements and want to discuss how we can work together in a beneficial and rewarding partnership, use the Contact Button below and include details of your current, relevant sales activity.